Monday, October 24, 2005

Been here for a while now...

Entry #2: Saturday , October 22, 2005

Well, still here at the Generator, but Steph isn’t, she and Kate moved into their flat today!! I am so frickin’ excited for them (and way jealous). Stephanie, Andy and I got up early this morning and walked around London a bit, we decided to find something to eat, look for mobile phones, and shop around to see what the city had to offer. Unfortunately, as it turns out, nothing is really open on Saturday morning and Steph and Kate were due to check out the flat in Westminster at noon, so we wandered a bit more, to look for the Carphone Warehouse… which was closed… and decided that we were either to ambitious for a Saturday, or (I thought privately) maybe 0930 was just too damn early for Londoners. After we’d walked for a while we saw a Sicilian square or something, a cool little side street with a few eateries. Stopping in a Lebanese cuisine place I got a Coke (which tastes like Coke in the states), Steph got a fruit juice “walk-away” and Andy got a Mocha. Overall we were happy and it only cost me £ 1.10, which was pretty exciting for me. Then Steph went out to meet Kate and Andy and I went back to the Generator to hang out, I took a nap for a couple of hours and when I finally woke up… They’d rented the place!! So we helped them move out of the Generator which was no trouble and then helped them move their bags all the way to their new place. This is like a 30 minute tube ride which with two backpacks, two large suitcases, and 4 people, during peak-hours, is no picnic ‘lemme tell you! Anyway, their place is really small… kind of a closet, and they share a shower, toilet, and tiny kitchen with 4 other rooms… but it’s in Zone 2 which is a pretty great deal for £80. After we got their stuff in their little room Andy and I went and bought wine and some plastic cups while the girls unpacked. The night went pretty smooth after that, we drank wine, watched a dance competition on BBC1 and then Andy and I left. We went to get some food and talked about our trip to France tomorrow and going to the pub for a little bit upon returning to the shitty hostel (which now I don’t think is quite as shitty). We ate at a place called the Swiss Cottage (not sure how old it is but it was really cool), I ate cider sausages in a big Yorkshire pudding (which is like peas, carrots, potatoes in bread. Which was really odd, but tasty, and the chips I ordered with it were really tasty. After that we came back and I went to sent emails before going to the “club” where and I danced for like two hours. Andy found a Swedish girl on a class trip and left to chat her up, so I went and called Jacqui. I asked her how she was and she said, “Amazing!” because I was calling her… that made me feel really good… really, really good. She was even on the phone when I called and she hung up with the other guy to talk to me. I like her a lot… even still. Someday, if it’s in the cards, it will happen. My iPod just got fucked up so tomorrow it looks like I will be trying to fix it… oh well. Off to bed!

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