Monday, October 24, 2005

I am here!!

Hello to all that are checking my blog! Here i am! I've been in London for about 4 days, and i love it! It's an amazing city, i can walk everywhere, i don't need a car, and the Tube is amazing!

So far i've been to the British Museum, the BUNAC office, and even to France! I had to go there... long story... god was that a trip.

I think I will copy some of my trip journal entries because I am using the BUNAC Hostel's wireless network and I feel bad using it forever...

I find myself in a new country. I’ve checked into my hostel, found Stephanie, and even now, sitting on Bed #3 of 8 in my room I can hear the pounding bass and lyrics of the bar/club upstairs.

I woke up yesterday and left Andy’s house early in the morning (around 10) to get to the flight in time, and we made it with plenty of time to spare. We even stopped @ Coney Island for breakfast, it was pretty good. WE made it thru security OK and then headed to our gate for the flight. The flight was uneventful… the long wait in Chicago was the worst part. We even took time to go into Chicago for lunch. Getting off before we should have, but finding a really tasty place to eat called the Sandwicheria CafĂ©. I got a Mexican Panini and was MOST excellent. We got back on the L and headed back to O’Hare getting there with plenty of time to sit on our asses for a few hours before boarding our Airbus 330 to Dublin. The flight was long, but not as long as I thought. They played the Fantastic 4 and the longest yard (I slept thru that one, or tried to) and Andy worked on his CV for a while. Dinner was OK and the plane was really huge. All in all; it was a good time.

We arrived in Dublin to find it just starting to get light out, and we had to pass thru customs… We asked all the right questions and made sure we’d be ok, except when we got to Heathrow we weren’t. Turns out we’re fucked, and have to take a trip to France here in the next few days before we can validate our work permits. Bummer… but if having to go to France is the hardest part of my trip so far… then I think I’ll be OK.

Today we got to the Generator after leaving Heathrow and left shortly to take a walk and while about we decided we wanted to eat out. Then decided we wanted to look for Steph. We returned to the Generator and still couldn’t find her! Andy and I eventually decided to go eat without her. After dinner though she appeared in the cafeteria of the Generator and we chatted out our days (turned out she had to go to France too, so that’s where she’d been). We met her friend Kate she’d met @ the BUNAC orientation (that she’d partially slept thru because her flight had been that morning, but either way, Kate is nice, from Illinois and went to school in Minnesota, talks a lot, and likes to plan things, but is a very nice person. She’s found a flat already for 80 pounds a week and hopefully the same woman who runs it will have some similar properties for Andy and me. The four of us went out for a drink (Andy and I had already had a couple at the bar here in the hostel and one at dinner) and then came back home for bed.

We entered the Generator, said goodnight to Steph and Kate with promise to meet them the following morning, and into the bar we went… inside there was quite a crowd gathered around the “stage” were two people (one guy from Minnesota, and some girl) were both half nude, in the middle of some kind of contest! They were about to start making out and were going to get scored by judges. They were both only wearing underwear bottoms so of course the crowd was ecstatic. After a short stay, we decided to go to bed.

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