Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Last 3 Days.

I am sitting in my new hostel, St. Christopher’s Inn, with some people I met last night in the bar. They are really cool, all Americans, 2 from California, one from New Jersey, and 3 from Pennsylvania. Interestingly enough, we get along really well, and we’ve been hanging out all day! Anyway, the last few days have been really interesting and busy as hell.

Wednesday; we spent the whole frickin’ day looking for apartments, again, and we saw three places. One in the way northwest of London, in the burbs for sure, that one was crap, and you had to pay for electricity by putting money in a meter outside the house. Yikes. The fast talking Indian guy who was the ‘landlord’ kept reminding us that he was an accountant and he hated making long term contracts, so this method was, “Great! You can just decide amongst [the 7 people living in the house] who wants to pay the meter, and then you just come out here and put in a £ or two £’s! It’s great!” Andy and I replied with, “Riight…”

Another one of the places was by Heidi, the landlord that Steph and Kate are with. That was a really good one. We liked the kitchen, the bedroom was a nice space, had two beds (bunk w/ futon under) and a little desk with our own fridge/freezer. The neighbourhood was awesome, and we had one more to see; or at least that’s what we told her. We’d seen one that morning at 11am that we’d decided on. The space was the best for the price. Heidi’s was £80, the one we finally picked was £75 and a little further out of town, and not as great a location, but a better space with potential to meet more people in our house. We have 18 roommates, but wait, don’t freak out! It’s a really big house: 2 kitchens, a common area, 4 bathrooms with ‘power showers,’ our own TV, bunked beds in the room, two wardrobes, and I don’t know about desks, but we can go to IKEA if we have to. We move in on MONDAY!! Then we had to go back to the Generator… but it turns out we soon would not have to… BUM BUM bummmmmmmm, the plot thickens!

After a bit we decided to go hang out with Steph, Kate, G.P., Sam, Yen, and Amanda at this really cool pub called the High Clifton, or something; of course the sign is old and broken so it only said the –IGH -I-LTON … or something… We were going to chill there before going to the Odeon, but after we had been chatting and laughing for an hour or so we decided it was more fun to just chill. So we hung out till late and finally headed home to sleep before the bank the next morning.

Thursday, we went to the BUNAC office and looked at jobs and more housing, but mostly jobs, and then hung out with Amanda most of the day, we ate lunch at a Spanish bar, not quite tapas quality, but I just had a bottle of Perrier anyway… I rather enjoyed it! After the lunch we went for a nice walk back up to the hostel. We realized we’d not yet re-upped for the following few days, we needed to get on that right away. I had a bank appt. that morning, or I would have done it then… By the time we got back to the hostel we’d been replaced in our room and I’d discovered that my Roots sweatshirt was missing. I am still upset about itL. I’ll just have to buy another one sometime soon.

After we’d re-upped for just Thursday night we started looking at a new hostel. Amanda was one the phone with her boy the whole time, and finally we settled on St. Christopher’s. That night in our new room we met some new people; we were so tired from the night before we didn’t really want to party, but we had to have one last drink at The Generator so we had a Strongbow and I went back down to the room after talking to Kris on the phone for a while. Our new roommates included Francesco (a really cute gumpy/innocent Italian boy), and a really nice Aussie named Nicole. We talked for a long time and Andy finally came back and chatted with us.

The next day we took our bags to Steph and Kate’s flat and moved into the new hostel. After moving in we decided to be tourists for a while and went to the Tower Bridge, the Monument, and the Tower of London. Most things were closed cause it was in the afternoon but we had fun anyway! This new area and hostel is an amazing difference, the rooms are cleaner the environment is better, the people are friendlier, the bar is not skanky. Overall, it’s an amazing turnaround. That night we went to the bar to have a few drinks to wait for Steph to show up, but they decided against it. After talking with some nice people from the area (Mark and Geraldine) I finally tapped a girl on the arm to discover if she was an American of not (Andy and I had decided they were). They turned out to be American, and right away we were getting alone, talking, laughing, and dancing getting to know them until 2am!! It was amazing! I had so much fun, and the DJ was great. The only problem was it was hot, smoky, and I didn’t have a change of clothes for the next day. Our trip to Warwick Castle was cancelled because of scheduling conflict (we were going to go this weekend). So we had a great time just chilling with these new people. Finally, we passed out at 2:30am after having been completely pissed [Brit for drunk] and sweaty.

Next morning we had to wake up early to go out with our new friends and we ended up spending the entire day with them! We visited all of the touristy areas including: The London Eye, The Tate Modern, Westminster Abbey, saw Big Ben, and visited all of the downtown area. I even saw the Millennium Bridge (featured in such amazing shows as Keen Eddie). After we’d been out al day, and eaten at yet another “gourmet” pizza place. We came back to the hostel to relax and sleep. I ran up to Swiss Cottage to get some clothes and then we watched movies till the end of the night. Not exactly the most exciting “Halloween” but still. We did get to watch Silence of the Lambs.

Oh! Andy got a job at a pub! That’s where he is tonight, working a Halloween party. I wish I could go to one. I miss the USA sometimes. Especially on times like this. I can only imagine it will get worse as Christmas approaches, but I should be able to manage once we get a house and can settle down with a job for a bit. I called the iTV station and I have a meeting on Monday with the man who emailed me back originally back in September. I hope it goes well; it seems to be a great position, web design, and blog work it seems, but also media related. Right up my alley! It’s probably time for me to go to bed; there are some cute Aussies that I might be hanging out with tomorrow that are also staying in my room here. Tomorrow, Hermione is going to be signing autographs at Camden market!! I am excited and I will definitely be going. I hope to hear from home soon. I miss the people already; it definitely feels like much longer than a week and a day.


Brian Crimmins said...

Greetings from the United States (of American)!! How is life across the pond treating you?? Wait, I already know the answer to that question. Especially considering I just devoted a quarter of my life to reading about yours. Damn you and your long entries! Just kidding, please keep them coming. I work for the government and need something to take up my time.

You missed a awesome Halloween/Lynn’s birthday party last night. The highlight was when we went to Sundance’s haunted house/hayride. Get this, Hailee got so scared she pissed (which is the proper usage of the word… stupid British) :) her pants! So at the end of the night she was telling one of the guys there and he ended up dragging her around the place telling everyone what she did! OMG!! I don’t think ANY of us have laughed so hard in our lives! Good Times, very good times!

In other news, I’m starting to get ready for Mexico. I depart on the 18th of December. Its going to be awesome! Fuckin’ Wilma destroyed Cancun though!! Bitch! I plan to go there anyhow, maybe for New Years or something. I’m not really sure. But the weather there is 80s to high 90s during the day and mid 70s to 80s during the night. I can't wait!!

Oh and one more thing before I go. What are you doing March 3 - 12?? That is my last spring break and I figured since you were already over there (and my mom said she would pay for the plane tickets) that maybe I would go over and visit both you and the UK. Especially now that I have my passport! By then you should know everything about London so I wouldn’t have to be an ordinary tourist. I’m not saying the touristy stuff wouldn’t be cool, but its always more fun to go with someone who knows the area. On top of that I will have been to 33 states, Canada, and Mexico so I figure its time for me to cross the ocean. Hell, by that time I will need to head over there just to kick the bloody British out of you!! Remember, you’re an American! It will always be the TV and getting shitfaced (pissed… that’s just plain wrong!) And don't for one minute thing I'm not looking out for your use of British slang!! :)

See you later, stay safe and have fun!

Brian Crimmins said...

wow... I just called it the United States of American. Shitty... Just for that I'm going to need to write the Pledge of Allegiance 50 times on the nearest blackboard!

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America...

ha ha

Night bud! See you later! Oh, make sure to tell me your cell, address, and email if anything changes!