Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The last couple of Days have been CRAZY!

Here is everyone's favorite Andy! We were at the British Museum the other day and I took this picture. I thought it was funny; the beautiful museum and the funny face that Andy is making... good combo...

I was so tired after our trip to France I didn’t even write anything last night. Talk about hectic! Andy and I woke up @ 7am to get to the Tube station in time to take the Picadilly Line to the Victoria Line and then from there we were going to get on the National Rail and take that to Dover Priory to get on the ferry. However, there was engineering going on (construction) between Victoria and our destination so we had to take the Tube on the Circle Line to Blackfriars to catch the National Rail from there instead. When we got there we waited for the train for about an hour, because we’d just missed it… so we wandered out of the station and saw a huge dome stretching above the tops of the buildings we marvelled I took a photo and we proceeded to find a beautiful side street. It was narrow and curvy just the like the ones on the tele. We wandered down it and I said, “Wow…” every few minutes until we came around a corner to some beautiful statues and St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was massive, as tall as the Michigan Capitol Building, but made entirely of stone. We walked around it for a while looking at it in the morning sun and snapping photos, and then entered. It was Sunday so it didn’t cost anything, but I couldn’t take pictures. After the hour went by we got back on the train and rode it for over 90 minutes to Dover Priory to wait another hour for the ferry. They bussed us to the dock and we got on the biggest boat I’ve ever been on! It was pretty huge. Only 8 decks for those of you that have been on Cruise ships and shit… not me… yet… J The ride was also about 90 minutes, they had some sit down restaurants and a shopping centre on the boat, they also had lots of seating and a few places where you could go outside, so I took some pictures of the White Cliffs of Dover. They were pretty amazing. I got some pictures of the boats too as they passed by ours. After almost 2 hours we got to France, the scenery was beautiful, but we passed the pretty part and headed for the ugly seaport. We passed sailing boats and some nice beaches though! Calais seemed like a nice place, and they said on the boards in Dover that there had been 51,000 people passed through the strait the day prior! So it was pretty busy.
Andy and I entered France and got onto a bus (after some confusion with where we should be) and went to the bar for a snack before the next boat left. The bartender didn’t speak any English really, but we got by. As we ate our 6 Euro microwave pizzas and drank our 1.9 Euro beer we decided we really didn’t belong in France (and that customer service in Europe sucks in comparison to the States). We went back to Passport control and explained why we’d come to France (to get the work permit stamp remember?) and they looked at the picture of the stamp in the BUNAC book, and after searching for 20 minutes or so the man said they didn’t have one, and asked to see my BUNAC book again… I showed him the page and he proceeded to write in the stamp by hand!
On the boat back Andy and I laughed for a while, I think partially out of exhaustion, and after another 2 hours back on the boat (sleeping most of the way) we waited for the bus outside the ferry station (30 min wait) and then waited at the train station for our return trip (90 minutes till the train arrived @ 19:22) then we slept most of the way back to London. We met a nice girl named Brooke on the train though, she was very nice, works for IBM and used to live in Germany and Holland, she’d just moved to London 8 weeks ago as well, but she’d lived there before, although a while ago.
We chatted off the train at Blackfriars, through the confusion of where to go to get to the Tube, and then on the tube back on the Circle line, then at Victoria we said goodbye! We got back on the Picadilly train back to Russel Square and got to the Generator at about 11 or so. It was a long damn day.
The next morning we had orientation for BUNAC, which was informative and interesting. And we got cracking looking at the BUNAC boards and getting our CV’s to the banking job, and working on looking at housing. We have found a couple of interesting flats, we just have to call on them to see them and decide what we think. While we were looking we met a girl named Amanda who was in our orientation. She was very nice, and friendly, we talked to her while doing other things for about an hour and then she gave me her mobile so we could call her. In talking up the BUNAC hostel where she was staying (they’ve got free wireless) we decided to visit it later in the day. But first we needed mobiles, we shopped around for a while (I bought a little notebook/journal) and we finally went to Carphone Warehouse and got Mobile World (15p per min everywhere in Britain and only 5p to the States, also ALL INCOMING CALLS ARE FREE. It’s standard in the UK, he he!) We went to the BUNAC hostel and used the free wireless while watching Sex in the City with the rest of the BUNAC participants, but there were no vacancies unfortunately, so back to the generator we went. After a short stint there we headed over to Steph and Kate’s to have dinner. We met a new girl named Lauren (or maybe Loren) and after a nice dinner at Pizza Kitchen (I had the Bufala pizza, they called it Bifalaina or something) we headed to the Grocery, that was interesting, it’s like a store here, but many of the food brands were store specific, interesting with lots of different packaging too. Finally we headed back to their flat and hung out chatting for a while until around 11 we decided to head home. Then I sat in the Lounge plugged in writing this and fixing my iPod… which has been a huge ordeal!
Man the UK has been tough on Andy and I so far, but we are still really enjoying it! We just really want our own place… hopefully these places will pan out… Posted by Picasa

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