Thursday, November 10, 2005

I got It!!

Wednesday was pretty normal day… somewhat… Andy had to the night off of work that the evening, but beforehand I had to deposit my cheques. I really had to. It was essential. So he went to help Amanda move into her flat and I set off to deposit my traveller’s cheques and get my bank card that morning. I wandered the streets of Aldwych for hours looking for a Barclays to cash my cheque and finally found one… hours after starting the search (or so it felt, it was more likely only an hour), however the Barclays I found was ill-equipped to serve me, and sent me down the road to another one.

Miffed, but not disillusioned, I got what I needed at the next Barclays, chuckled as I re-passed the first, and headed back to NatWest to deposit my mullah; then the strangest thing happened, waiting to get my bank card, I saw Stephanie Fitzwater getting hers as well! We ended up spending a short time together as I accompanied her back to her work and grabbed a sandwich with her. We chatted for a bit, I saw the Silver Bullet (the nickname of a building downtown London) and then I headed out to meet Amanda and Andy in Notting Hill/Bayswater.

They were chilling at a place call the Churchill Arms, it was a fantastic pub that Kristen never could have entered. There were butterflies on the walls everywhere, but plants hanging in every inch of space above us creating a virtual ceiling completely obscuring the greenhouse-like glass that was the ceiling. But that was only part. There were plants everywhere, and a little fountain and the bugs, it was like being outside, inside. I liked it a lot; and as an added bonus, they apparently have amazing Thai food… which I must be sure to return and try.

The three of us set out for Amanda’s flat, enjoying each other’s company, and eventually decided we needed a plan for the afternoon. I called Shawna, Anne, and Alex to see what they were up to… tonight was a comedian named Dimitri Martin (who had apparently written for Conan). “Intriguing,” I thought to myself, and proceeded to call Jenn and Marissa who wanted to join in the comedian, Steph didn’t have the money but wanted to go, and Andy was in… Amanda was to stay in her flat and hang out with Morgan (her flatmate) and unpack/chill.

Dimitri Martin was amazing. We met the girls at 9:00p and he started at around 9:45p. He was hilarious. “The other day I was thinking about the time I used to be nostalgic… those were good times.” He was amazing. I cannot describe the funniness. I laughed a lot. I nearly cried it was so good, and after the show Shawna (who adores him) wanted a photo made, so we waited for him to come out. He was also amazingly cool. He stopped and chatted with us for about 20 minutes and then we walked with him down the street a bit, talking about nothing really and then parted ways. We went to BK to get food, talked about the show, and other comedians, and then everyone headed home. Alex, and Anne are heading to Edinburgh this weekend, and so are Marissa and Morgan; they have plans to meet up, that’s pretty exciting. Steph and the crew there are going to Warwick castle (for real this time) and Amanda and I are going to tag along as well! I am really excited, my first real trip outside London!! Exclam!! Yea.

You thought yesterday was good, today was even more exciting. I had my interview, and that was really it, but as I left I headed for Amanda’s place and my phone rang on the Tube… in the only place where it would have been able to ring… It was Lisa (head of Quality @ South Bank Uni.) They wanted to offer me the job!! I was, of course, happy to accept, and with my music blaring in my ears I rode the tube all the way to Bayswater and told Amanda straight away. We had an excellent dinner of tortellini with a tasty mushroom sauce, and we headed off to see Elizabethtown. We walked the 30 minutes from her place to the cinema, talking and laughing per usual, bought tickets and then headed down the street to get some grog and food before the film. I was very excited about seeing a film in London, as was she and we talked over a plate of nachos at this excellent Mexican place… of which there are few.

The film was just as good as I remembered it, though funnier, and afterward we walked back to the closest tube station and I escorted her home (mostly to get my bag however). The movie made me miss the United States a lot. I really like it here, but the US is still home, and probably always will be.


Rie said...

I'm so happy that you are having a good time Trace. We miss you and the States say "Hi"


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