Monday, November 14, 2005

I love that song Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Great weekend! So good! Friday started out as a really good day, and ended even better! I woke up and just hung out most of the day… actually I don’t really remember what I did during the day, oh wait… yes I do… I remember:

SHOPPING, that’s what we did, lots of shopping. Amanda and I started the Coat Shopping Expedition on Friday. It all started when we were talking about how cold it was starting to get, and how we didn’t really have warm coats. So we started shopping for coats, starting with the outdoor markets. We went down Portobello Street first, but that was the other day (after the Churchill Arms), and then Friday headed to Camden Town. That market is way bigger than I even thought it was. We spent hours there, not really finding what we were looking for, but determining that we could spend days here and never see it all. After hours at the Market, we decided to give up there and head somewhere else, and eventually ended up shopping for a short while longer, but mostly we were just tired, and gave up. It gets fuzzy from there, but eventually I left Amanda at her place and headed out to meet up with Alex, Andy, and Ned. We were set to meet at Holborn Station, but Andy and Ned were running late owing to them being already a bit drunk when I called them, so Alex and I went for a drink down from the station at the Princess Louise.

Ned and finally showed up and we headed back to Alex’s place to figure out what to do. Finally we settled on Japanese food, we had a drink at one bar down from Alex’s place, and then headed over to Wagamama. It was an excellent Japanese food place, and I had a really spicy dish (and got to use chopsticks). But after we’d eaten, Andy had to leave, he was bummed, and we couldn’t really decide on anything specific to do next. It was already getting late so we decided to drink in, we bought 4-packs of Foster’s and Kronenburg (8 of each) and played Roxanne (a drinking game). Now what you have to understand about Roxanne is that the game involves listening to Roxanne by the Police, and there are two teams: the ‘Red’ team and the ‘Roxanne’ team. The rules are as follows: the Red team drinks whenever the word, “red” is used in the song; and the “Roxanne” team… well you can figure it out.

After we’d played one round of Roxanne, and therefore all downed one 500mL can, we unanimously decided to play a different game. Kings/Circle of Death was the best choice we figured, but there were some crazy rules: I Never – Aces, Kings = pour in to Kings cup until last one of course, 1-3 = dish out, 4-7 = drink either 1,2, or 3 respectively, 8-10 = rule cards, etc. It was great, there were so many rules including: no name usage, and every time you said anything you had to say, “Over” at the end; then later when we were all drunk enough to forget constantly Ned added “Captain’s Log” at the beginning of anything you said. Ned and I left around 230am pretty drunk, they walked us to the Bus and we rode to W.G. Immediately off the Bus we ran over to a yard because we had to pee like crazy, then we got some £1 chips at a nearby place (so amazing) and walked home. All in all a great night and I got to spend time with Ned!

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