Sunday, November 20, 2005

My First Day of Work and Other Things

Tuesday I don’t really remember what I did at all. I need to type more often than once a week for sure.

Wednesday was good, I hung out with Amanda most of the day, we just bummed around town shopping and wandering. We met at the BUNAC office in the afternoon and decided to walk around and shop for a while. Andy joined us much later, he’d been doing some job hunting, and the three of us got some food and then headed over to Prague to utilize the free internet. Afterward, Amanda wanted to head home, so Andy and I headed over to Alex, Shawna, and Anna’s flat to watch a movie. We watched O Brother Where Art Thou a movie that I highly enjoy, and then Andy and I left for home on the night bus, of course stopping for £1 chips after disembarking at Willesden.

Thursday was excellent! I woke up nice and early and left for work. I went to bed not too late so getting up wasn’t too hard (even though it was @ 730am). Luckily for me it was light out. I worry sometimes about it being dark when I wake up, because that would just make it that much harder for me to get out of bed. I would hate that so much.

I went in for my very first day of work at London’s South Bank University. I even got paid for the 7 hours I was there!! Overall it seems like a really good job, I will enjoy it. There are really nice people working there, although they are all quite a bit older than I am (no offence to them of course). I met one other BUNAC-er who is in the same place as I am (she’s only been working there for a week) and she is very cute, and she seems nice, perhaps she’s just excited to have someone her ago working on her floor. The details of my job are basically to get mail, file things, and help Anne with whatever she asks me to help her with. I am almost like her bitch… but in a good way. Collum who I am replacing is quite the guy, he likes to be busy and is defiantly better at this job than I am. I followed him around for the day and it seems like he knew everyone and was always talking to someone about something work-related. I really worry that I am going to suck as that I have never done anything like this, but I think I’ll be fine. They know I’ve only just started; I am not going to be tossed into the shit on my first day… tomorrow…

After work I hung out with… Stephanie and Kate I think, but I don’t remember (please don’t be mad), around 11 we headed over to the cinema for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. There was no one there. Well very few people, as midnight approached people started to queue and we jumped in even though we were just sitting there for 40 minutes we got in the 20th place or so in the queue. The movie was amazing, we were so excited! Afterward Amanda and I had to find for ourselves when Steph and Kate abandoned us for home. So Amanda and I, with our newfound bus maps, attempted to get to our respective homes. She started by getting on the wrong bus, and I started by walking to Swiss Cottage, or part of the way, then my mobile went off and it was Amanda walking after me because she’d gotten off the bus because it was the wrong one (and smelled of puke because there was vomit on part of it). We met up and walked to Swiss Cottage. She was going to just come home and stay at our place (it was 325am) but instead she found the right bus and headed back to her place. I grabbed the same bus but left it in Kilburn and then changed to the N98 for Willesden Green. I got home at 4am and went to bed after leaving messages on Kristen’s IM about how cool it was and how she should be jealous that I saw it so far ahead of her. She was I am sure.

Friday was good, and almost not even worth talking about. I was such a bum, I stayed in all day until the evening. I watched a movie and played with my laptop. Hung out with my roomies and chilled all day. After I had made and eaten dinner we all went over to The Green (Melissa, Kristina, Ned, Giuseppe, Melinda, and me). Ned had just gotten off his shift so we had a couple of beers and then headed back home. Andy got in late and then next morning we left for Stonehenge and Bath with BUNAC!

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