Friday, November 04, 2005

Pictures of The Flat!

These above are the pictures of starting on the top left and going clockwise:

  • Front of our pad/flat.
  • The Backyard... notice the PALM TREES... but it's cold... don't get too excited. it's just a temperate climate.
  • Our common area (living room).
  • The downstairs kitchen. The upstairs one that we use is too small to photo...
And now for the bedroom!!

Here it is. The Flat. Not exactly the cleanest right now, but it gives you an idea of where I will be spending the next 6 months. If my Mom reads this... please don't worry, it's clean... but clothes around, nothing's changed there from when I was a kid.

The first two pictures are our bedroom... we get the piss taken out of us a lot becasue of the bunk beds...

The last couple of days have been fairly uneventful. Not a huckuva lot going on... I registered with a Temp Agency the other day. They made me d a typing test, i don't remember if i mentioned it our not, but apparently I can type 57 wpm. Not too bad i guess, but i have a number of errors. I am really good at using Microsoft Word, and pretty damn good at PowerPoint, and Above Average at Excel... but i hate excel. The TPP Newman is the name of the Agency, and they told me they found a job doing Data Entry for £8/hr but i'd have to use Excel all the time. Ugh. I told them i wasn't confident in my Excel skills...

Wednesday night was really great though! We went to the BUNAC pub meet and met all sorts of new people! A few Newfies even! A Texan, a South Carolinan, some Brits, and people from all over and in all stages of the BUNAC program. It was really fun! We hung out for a long time and I moved from crowd to crowd in the Pub chatting around about everything from Harry Potter (the preimere of the 4th movie!! this weekend!! I'm going!!), jobs, homes, S. Carolina, accents, Canada, London, the trip, and everything. It was just great. I felt so much more social than I had been... We left the pub @ 11 when it closed, and we went to a new pub called The Dublin Castle, it was a bit grimy and stayed open later (one of the Newfies really liked it) but we only stayed for one beer and then caught the tube home.

Thursday was pretty boring. Hung out with Amanda some, went to the BUNAC office and Benugo for their wireless afterward. Found a job prospect with South Bank Uni, there is an opening as an Admin Assistant to the Deputy Dean... I really hope that I can get this job. REALLY... it would be great, aside from the pay (£10.50/hr). Andy and I went out downtown and he bought a set of speakers for only £11 at this computer warehouse, and then we went to get some food @ this really good pizza place that we found on Goodge street... the pizza was only £3!!! And it was way good, and big for that price! We left and went to the BUNAC hostel grabbed our stuff, i fixed Amanda's compy, and then headed back to our flat for a movie. We watched 40 Year Old Virgin which was pretty funny, but i left in the middle to talk to Kris on my mobile, i miss talking to her whenever i wanted to... thats a big adjustment.

After the movie I called my Pop and talked to him for about 30 minutes, i miss my family a lot... i need a hug... really bad i think... He told me some of the best news I have heard since I got here, he can mail me my mattress pad and the wireless router. I am pretty happy to hear that (especially the mattress pad because the bed is not very comfy). Andy and I decided after I grabbed the tube to Finchley Rd for some shopping (bought a rubbish bin and some other things) that we wanted to watch a movie, so we watched National Treasure.

I know what you are thinking... he didn't frickin' go to London to watch movies every night. It's true I didn't, but it's expensive to go to the pub every night so I stay in sometimes!! Especially till i get a job... which i will hopefully have in a few days! I miss everyone... and i need a hug. Tonight for dinner is Nachos... and i am starved, so i am going to go beat up Andy and find out how much longer on dinner!

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Donald Duck said...

Trace a few things…

1.) “we get the piss taken out of us a lot becasue of the bunk beds…” What are you trying to say!? Is it easier to go to urinate because you sleep in a bunk bed? Or is it you get made fun of??

2.) Rubbish bin… You’ve only been out of the country for a couple weeks… it’s a trash can! Or waste basket! Rubbish bin… ha!