Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rather boring actually...

Now that i have permanent internet, because I have moved into my place... I can give shorter explanations of my trip! I can just give a general rundown. I had been just copying and pasting my trip jounal into the blog, but that was huge and i can't imagine you all were actually reading it. So here is a rundown format that we'll try barring any inconvienence for me, or complaint on your part eh? Good. So we're in. we've moved into a flat in NW2 which is North West London. It's right on the edge of the suburbs, and it's pretty nice. There are a lot of people living here and i've only just met a few of them, but the one's that i have met seem really cool, so we'll see.
I spent a better part of today looking for jobs and just walking around London listening to my iPod and dodging traffic. The leaves here are HUGE! I will get a picture and post it soon, I'd imagine they are so because of the increasingly wet climate that i find myself in... in fact it's raining right now... but the last week has been beautiful, hardly cold, let alone rain! It's drizzled a few times, but nothing serious, surely no downpours... Speaking of rain, the inuits have 30 different words for snow... i wonder if when i leave here i'll have 30 different words for rainy weather... hmm... a test is in order i feel.
After my London excursion today i ended up back home sitting in the living room while andy was at work. I was talking with three of my roomates (no londoners, they don't really live in london the commute or live in the posh areas) one is a kiwi (N.Z.) one is an Aussie, and one is an Italian... at least of the three that i was hanging out with... i know of at least 4 more Aussies here tho, so if i get an accent at all it's going to be Australian not British... although I have been able to start to tell the difference between London accents and out-of-London ones... how cool is that!
Tomorrow i have a job "interview" at a temp agency and they want to give me a typing test... we'll see how that goes... I don't really know how to type, i taught myself, and i am easily distracted, that doesn't help, i say that AIM taught me... oh well... i'll post a couple of pictures and be off then. Update again soon!

this is andy and i on the London Eye (I actually applied for a job there today)
Here is a really funny one. Can you guess what this guy is dressed as? Here is what i said when I saw him...
Trace: "Andy are those balls?"
Andy: "What? I don't know?!"
Trace: "Oh MY God! We are going over there"
We then proceeded to run across a busy road and see this guy on the bridge advertising for a website about male testicular cancer. We talked to him for a minute and then got a picture.


I like this one, in the foreground we have a guy giving a tour in front of the Hall of Parliament (where Big Ben is there) and then in the Background is the London Eye! It's way taller than Big Ben, but it's on the other side of the Thames from Big Ben; which was set to noon though it was like 3pm because they are working on it, longest stoppage of Big Ben since like the 1930s... sad for us though cause we couldn't hear it go off... guess i'll have to go back down there!


Rie said...

Wow... testicles on the side of the road... interesting

Crimmins said...

Trace that guy's costume was crazy... almost to the point of being nuts!