Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Walk

Today I was inside all day... then I left. I had to, I just couldn't stay any longer, and I kept thinking, "You're in fucking London, man. You can't waste that sitting here on your ass." So I left. I jumped on the tube and headed for Hamleys. It's a HUGE toy store and just happens to be on Jacqui's Top 5 things in London to see. It was pretty cool, but I wish I'd had a friend with me, toy stores (shopping in general) just isn't as fun when you are by yourself eh?

I got off the Tube at Bond Street and walked for about 10-15 minutes to Oxford Street... It's like the London Shopping Mecca. There is everything down there, and it was really brightly lit and crowded, but my iPod and I were crusin' to some awesome beats and I really enjoyed just walking... being alone... being lost in a sea of humanity. It was great...

After wandering down some side streets into a little bit less crowded, but still shoppy areas I got to Hamleys, it was huge; 7 Floors of toys, I skipped over the Girls Floor and walked all over everywhere else. I saw some cool stuff, train sets, models, legos (including a Hagrid and HP massive build), and all sorts of games and stuffed everything. It was fun to wander and look at the stuff... I left feeling flighty and wanting to wander still so I started walking, and about an hour later I was in Camden Town... thats right home of the Camden Markets. I've been there before, but there's not really anything going on during the week, well more than anywhere else; the major market is on the weekend... and I desperately need socks, so I will have to visit there definately...

I kept on walking after a short stop for some cheap BK... it was not that good... and then I hopped on the Tube and headed for Kings Cross... I was in a mood to see Platform 9 3/4 so I headed that way. I found it, but didn't have a camera to take a picture... either way, it was not as cool as I'd thought, and again something you see with a friend... Luckily Kristen had just called me, so at least I got to share it with her, even if she couldn't see it... we talked about what we usually talk about, our day, how we miss each other, and then not much... it's actually rather off putting... I do miss her though... I tried to explain to her the other day how I miss talking with her almost more than I miss having her as a girlfriend, to emphasise how we used to communicate so well... but it was kind of a flop. It's hard to communicate when you have a running till... it's kind of like a taxi, whenever we talk the metere is running and we have to struggle to fill the space... it blows.

After Kings Cross I headed back to the WG, walking whenever I could, I actually found that after sitting on the Underground for a short period of time, my muscles were sore, I was very happy, it was definately exercise wandering like that, and I LOVE it... I think I will be doing it much more often...

On a side note, I got a call from Harrod's Department Store today (another on the Top 5) about employment! I have an interview on Friday!! Which is great because I got an email yesterday and I have an interview on Thursday with the South Bank University woman for the Administrative Assistant posting, which is the higher paying position (and I think I would like working in a Uni environment again). I hope they both go well. I miss everyone, and thanks for all the comments on the HP4 part, it was frickin' sweet! Cheers!

Commenting on "Cheers" This is a non-American thing... they say it all the time they throw it around like pro jugglers throw bowling pins. It is crazy. It's everywhere, and I haven't quite mastered it's use. I suspect that it is more of a casual thank you, but also a goodbye in friendly situations, but the jury is still out on other uses.

Also speaking of Bowling. They don't really do it here, and when they do it's expensive. I feel that is shit. I miss bowling and it's not supposed to be expensive, it's supposed to be cheap, dirty, smoke-filled, and thus I would think the London crowd would love it... but they don't... I have to say I am severly disappointed. Ok I'm off, cheers!

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