Wednesday, December 14, 2005

BUNAC/ISH Christmas Cruise on the Thames

The Xmas boat trip was really a lot of fun. Steph and I got there right on time and only had to wait for a little while before they opened the boat. G.P., Steph, Kate, Jenn, [who got tickets from] Marissa, James, Dave, Josh, Robin, Alex, Shawna, Anna, and even more people! They were all there.

The boat had a bar and sitting area downstairs, and then the upper was a dance floor with really funny music for most of the trip, but entertaining nonetheless. For the first bit of the trip we started to drink the beers, and would keep running out to the back of the upper floor, where they had sliding doors leading onto an aft deck. We wanted to not miss the beautiful scenery from the Thames river.

The dock was right by the Tower of London, and the captain said we were to sail all the way down the Thames and then back again past the dock and then back to the end. We all were talking and laughing and having a grand old time, running back and forth to the upstairs, until; it started to rain outside. Then we had even more fun because we’d been drinking a bit so the floor was slippery, that just made the going up and down and to and fro even better! One of the most memorable moments was coming out from under the Westminster Bridge and seeing the Houses of Parliament all lit up. Everyone on the deck said their ooh’s and ahh’s, and took pictures. It was really amazing, and beautiful. Then we went back to drinking.

Once we had consumed enough brew we headed to the (now wet and slippery) dance floor and danced to tracks by the likes of Brittany Spears, or the sultry sounds of Lionel Ritchie’s - Dancin’ on the Ceiling. It was… quite a feeling… to be dancing on the ceiling. The ceiling on the upper floor was, in fact, so low that there was hardly a space for GP and I in the room without watching out for our heads, but it was fun all the same.

After leaving at 8 we arrived back on the dock at 11, not drunk per say, but in a festive and jovial mood. A few of us decided it was time to try and find a bar, although at 11 in the business district that was incredibly difficult, so after trying a half dozen places we gave up and headed home. Not very Christmas-y, but defiantly fun.

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