Wednesday, December 14, 2005

December 9th and Narnia

On Friday the 9th of December (my mother’s birthday as well, i called her) I went out after work with Emily and her sister Sarah. Sarah was transferring to a new position at the university so we were going out to celebrate. We headed to the Slug and Lettuce (a horrible name I know, but a very popular and modern pub it seems, good for just sitting and talking, except that the music was way too loud). Emily and I went a little beforehand to get the table that Sarah had reserved and then the rest of them arrived shortly after. I did not know any of the others, but we drank and talked just the same. It was a fun night and Emily was on her way to getting wasted, and then remembered that after we’d decided to go see a movie! So she slowed down on her second Strongbow (a bit of a light weight she is).

We hung out at the Slug and Lettuce for some time when finally the 10 people or so started to trail off one by one, and we felt it was time for us to go to. We headed for the cinema intent on seeing the Chronicles of Narnia, which had just come out that day, and we’re not disappointed. Emily wouldn’t let me rest until I agreed to eat the popcorn she’d purchased and made sure that I’d be given a drink as well… so nice of her. The movie was excellent, some of the creatures were a little cartooney and I found myself indulging an unhealthy habit of comparing it to the Lord of the Rings, something I knew would cause dissatisfaction.

After the film, we headed to Leicester Square for a snack before turning in, coffee it was decided, which was not a good idea for me, but turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable large glass mug of hazelnut chocolate latte. I was in heaven, but Sarah would not let me pay for my own coffee! They were just too damn nice… Canadians, what can you do? I headed home and went to bed late, but the coffee wasworth it, and I got a little done. I even got to webcam chat with my mother!! Brock bought her a webcam for her birthday, so I chatted for a while with her. She was really happy, and so was I... :)

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