Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My Mom Called Me!

My mother called me yesterday!! She said I sounded depressed!! I am going to not do that! Sorry Mom! Sorry everyone! :-D I'm in frickin' London! I always have that to be excited about!

--- ok to business... ---

I forgot to mention! When Steph and I were at a pub in Derby I had spotted dick!! It’s a dessert… quit making jokes about STI’s… IT was really, really good! I want to get it again, it is an English dessert that involves a spongy cake with raisins in it (the spots) and a hot custard poured over it… it was really incredible!

Friday began as any other Friday, not really wanting to work because it was the TGIF day… Anne was still sick with something with her neck, so this time it was Debbie Harris who had something for me to do. I was fine with doing jobs for her because she (while probably in her 40s) smells nice and is quite prettyJ. In the end her job determined to be waiting for a long time for someone to call back and confirm their time for an interview the following week, not exactly challenging. I spent part of the day working as usual, but part of the day was spent working on Wikipedia… I updated the article about Girl Scout Cookies, and added a section on the Samoa vs. the Caramel deLite. It was a very important addition! Wikipedia did not take into account the differences between the two or how to tell them apart, it made them sound like they were both the same! Needless to say I set it right and then went back to work.

Around 330 most everyone in the office had already gone home, and I was feeling restless. Work was done, I had nothing to do, my job for Debbie being done Lisa said that I should just cut out early. I felt bad cutting out at 330 so instead I went to Emily and saw that she was suffering as I was. We succeeded in distracting each other for about 35 minutes talking about Disney World, home, family, and other things. It was probably the most ‘real’ conversation we’ve ever had. I left work around 425 or so and headed home. I was going to meet Amanda and hang out, but first I needed a shower. I headed home and took care of the cleaning and went to Bayswater. Ruthie headed to Paris for the weekend, but Morgan was due back soon. I hung out for a while and sat around with her. Amanda was still feeling sick, and had even taken off work that day to stay in bed.

This weekend was planning on being a chill weekend. I wanted to do nothing, and I think I kind of succeeded. Friday, I hung out doing mostly nothing all day. I hung out with Amanda in the evening, but after our failed attempt to see Polar Express we pretty much split. Instead I headed over to Leicester Square to meet Anna and a couple of her friends. We walked around the touristy areas (Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, et cetera) and even stopped at a really cool pub in the centre of the main touristy areas. Around 12 I was going to head home, but I changed my mind, decided to brave the ‘sleepover’ and continued walking around London into the wee hours of the morning. Finally, I ended up back at Anna’s house, and the next day I headed back to W.G. to get the post from home.

Saturday I was planning on joining Steph (and friends) at the Tower of London, but I was stuck at the god-damn post office. I left Alex, Anna, and Shawna’s at 830am to go get my package that my parents had sent me with the wireless internet in it. Jenn had texted me with a urgent request to talk the night before, and when I arrived home she told me why, her grandpa had died. We walked and talked as I headed to the post office, I was really tired and I thought it was going to be a short walk, but it ended up to be about 30 minutes. Upon arrival there was a queue out the door… we waited for a while, and then I realized that they probably don’t take Solo (my debit card) or Visa or anything… Stupid Britain… I’ll rant about that on my LiveJournal later. I ran a quarter mile to the nearest cash-point while Jenn waited in the queue for me… I ran back and paid for the package. Afterward, the two of us headed to a pastry shop and had some tasty dessert for breakfast and parted ways. Jenn got on the tube and I went home to take a nap. That afternoon we all went to try and see The Polar Express, but it didn’t work out… Instead Andy, Meg, and I went to Nachos and had nachos and Dos Equis. It was excellent food, and after we went to a pub called the Goat in Boots. It was a cool pub with strings of lights in the window and three levels, the waitresses were cute, the company was good, and the stomach was full, a good night. We went home around 9…

Later that night we had a movie at our place in WG (Sin City) and even Alex came over to watch and drink a bit of beer. We had a heart to heart after the movie when everyone else went to bed. She was upset from earlier that week, she’d had a bit of a row with her ‘(ex?)boyfriend’ who was still at home and had just returned from Semester at Sea. She felt that he would come back with all of his questions answered, and it was quite the opposite. I talked to her about how it was similar for me with Kristen and the feelings that she was having being so far from him, and me from her; it was a really interesting conversation. Finally, we all went to bed, and Meg and Alex stayed over.

Sunday I got up late, around 12 and Meg was gone; I remember her leaving sometime early, but who knows what time. Alex had stayed over and she commented on the lateness of the hour and proceeded to hurriedly go to the washroom to change. She grabbed her bags and left to go home. She needed to get home for the ball! It was the Harrod’s Christmas Ball Sunday night and she and Shawna needed to get ready!

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