Thursday, December 01, 2005

Nice, France: Part 1

Last Wednesday I left work early and headed home for the final prep before the flight. I packed a little more, grabbed what I’d missed and Andy and I headed over to Baker street to catch the easyBUS® to Luton Airport north of London. The flight and the little car ride were uneventful at best except that we saw Paris from the plane as we flew over. It was beautiful, lots of lights and we could even see the Eiffel Tower! We landed in Nice around 2250 after the 2 hour flight and the bus ride and the waiting at the airport and got on a bus to the centre of town. It was a quick glimpse of Nice as we rode all over with Alison and her Dad (who was also visiting).

We got back to their flat and her dad switched on the French TV while Andy and Alison caught up and started to get the turkey ready for the cooking tomorrow. She’d found a large uncooked fresh turkey (still with a few little feathers here and there as well) and wanted to put it in a bag and soak it in this secret family solution overnight, so we got all that around and soaked the turkey on the balcony off of their kitchen… they had multiple balconies, 12 or higher foot ceilings and tile floors. It seriously reminded me of a trip to Florida except everyone was speaking French.
On Thursday we got up around 10 and packed up all the food we’d collected (we’d brought some things from England and her dad had brought some things from the US too) and headed over to Marco’s Apartment (no idea to this day who Marco is) with multiple bags in our hands and even a suitcase full of food, including 2 turkeys! We started the long process of cooking as soon as we’d walking in the door. Marco’s Oven being occupied by one turkey meant that we’d need another apt for the second one, so Alison and Andy headed over to another friend’s place for the cooking of the other turkey and the other prep. Alison and Christina were kind of at odds with each other, but in a sporting way over who would have the best turkey. I spent most of the cooking time running back and forth between the two apartments in the complex helping out where I was needed taking things back and forth et cetera. I met a number of new people that way including a couple of Americans studying at the same Uni as Alison, a Peruvian named Pancho who really enjoyed chocolate covered marshmallows (he also made us a drink while we were cooking, a Peruvian specialty at that), an English boy named Callum, a Scot named Jenni, three Irish Boys (Greg, James, and Patrick/Porrig), a Frenchie named Pierre (so stereotypical), and another guy I whom I can’t remember where he’s from or his name. Most of those people ended up at the dinner with us, which also included: Andy, Myself, Alison’s Dad, Alison, Christina, and Flo and Nina (who were both German). Overall the dinner turned out great and we ate until we couldn’t anymore. We had some Pastis (French appetising liquor that is 90 proof) after we’d eaten to help us digest and get ready for dessert. The final count for dinner was: 2 Turkeys, a Big Bowl of Mashed Potatoes, a Pumpkin Bake (custard filled pumpkin baked in the oven), green bean casserole, croissants (that andy brought from England to France, they had a good laugh about that), carrot & celery sticks, lots of butter on whatever we wanted, a huge thing of stuffing, and two different types of gravy. Then, for dessert: American Brownies (that Alison’s Dad brought over in a suitcase full of food), Apple Pie from the Sainsbury’s that was supposed to stay frozen, the pumpkin bake (that didn’t really work out in the end), vanilla ice cream, and of course leftovers of everything else.

Once the food had been consumed the foreigners complimented all the Americans on a truly great holiday, we settled in and chatted while attempting not to nod off, just like home, but without the football. We talked enough about it that one of the Irish guys (James) grabbed an old tape of a Rugby playoff game when Ireland was playing England a couple of years ago and we enjoyed that for a while, then watched Super Troopers on Alison’s laptop before retiring for the night. Overall it was an excellent Thanksgiving spent in France and one I shall not soon forget.

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