Thursday, December 01, 2005

Nice, France. Part II

Friday was great! We started late which was kind of the theme of this trip… around 1130, but that was OK, Andy and Alison had dropped off Alison’s Dad that morning and didn’t get back until 830am… but the roommates didn’t get back until much later (1130a). Flo slept so long he missed his very last class and was really upset later that day. Andy and I started to wander around Nice by ourselves for the first time on Friday. Nice is amazingly beautiful, I’d heard good things about the French Rivera, but they didn’t really do justice to the beauty of the region.

We started by wandering East into Old Town, the touristy part of Nice, and it looked it for sure, we saw Christina and Nina randomly on the street (which was weird) and headed into the depths of Old Town. We shopped around, but didn’t really buy anything, until I came across a postcard that I just had to have, a vintage travel poster of Nice on a postcard. Good thing they didn’t have the actual poster; that could have been unfortunate for me (because I’d have had to get it!). We looked around for a while, wandering the picturesque streets, we even bought a pastry! A framboise pastry, it was EXCELLENT. Andy and I shared it and we did not regret the 1€75 that it cost either… or whatever, it was really cheap.

After a while we found this little place that looked like it was out of a movie, big copper tanks in one corner with little porthole windows holding some clear substance and an occasional bubble, fans that were driven by a belt attached to a motor on the wall a meter away, and French pictures and architecture (of course) complete with a spin-the-wheel game where you could win all sorts of things that we couldn’t pronounce! We decided to have a glass of Bordeaux and we sipped it while talking about the city and what we thought. After our glass we headed up the street further and it started to slant upward, at the top of the ‘stairs’ was a school that was just letting out. There were little French children everywhere yelling in their little French-speak and their parents were coming out of the woodwork (er… stonework) to walk them home.
We kept walking after enjoying the view over the city from the ‘School on the Hill’ and headed further up the winding walled in streets until we found a Jewish Cemetery, and followed the road higher and higher, with every step bringing a better view of the city falling away below us. Finally we heard rushing water and we’d found The Waterfall. The city of Nice has a man-made waterfall, and it was beautiful, and the view was amazing, we were there just at dusk and the lights were coming on and you could still hear the crashing of the Mediterranean far below. It was beautiful. We walked around for a while and then decided to head back down the mountainside, stopping to take pictures and see the city on the way.
We ended up back at the far end of the promenade, with the rocky beach of Nice in front of us. We decided to head onto the beach even though it was dark and cold, and decided to test the waters to see if they were warm. As we tentatively stepped near the waters I made the mistake of calling the sea dumb for not coming close enough to let me touch it, and as a response it lunged and Andy and I got a bit wet. We decided we needed a rematch.

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