Thursday, December 01, 2005

Nice, France. Part IV

Sunday we woke up nice and early (1030am was early for this trip) and headed with Alison in tow to the beach. She brought her Handycam and I took my camera so she could take pictures. We headed into the Mediterranean for a morning dip. It was actually a lot nicer than I would have ever imaged, the water felt great, and the air was much cooler than the water. I punched the ocean because it wasn’t giving us big enough waves, and immediately after Andy and I were hit by a wave that was as high as my chest. And then as another headed in I dove right into it. It was splendid and felt more wonderful. I loved it. We headed home and found there was no hot water at all, so I ‘showered’ by washing the salt out of my hair as the roommates heated water in the electric kettle and on the stove for sponge baths. After a nice salami lunch Andy and I headed back toward the beach for a walk up the promenade.

We walked for a so long the sun started to set, while we walked we talked about life in Nice, the sea, and how American’s just don’t go outside like this. It was only 55° F and there were people everywhere walking in the sun of the French Rivera. People biking, walking, running, kids, adults, senior citizens, university students, men & women of every creed and colour just out enjoying the evening. It was astounding. We headed back slowly but still had time for a nap before dinner. Quite the life they live. After dinner Andy and I went back out again (we’d done it earlier in the trip too).

We had been going to the bar every night just to have a drink and Sunday we headed to Irish McMahon’s for a beer. We talked to the German bartender about the place and Nice, met a couple of Americans from Pennsylvania and were eyed by a couple of girls speaking French, but eventually ended up having a couple of beers and a shot of absinth (it tasted like black liquorice) and headed back for sleep before our last day in France.

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