Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Random Happenings

There is a story... and while some of you may not believe it... i swear it is true.I was in London... St. John's Wood to be exact, on a night just like this... at The Clifton (where King Edward the something-or-other-with-Roman-Numerals... a V and maybe II used to hang out).

Stephanie, Kate, Josh, Andy and myself, all of us boozin', havin' a few laughs... I went to get a beer...

I ordered a Kirin (it's a tasty Japanese beer I'd never had before but it was cheap and the little tag said it was good... i trust the little tag... I'm glad i did.)

The beer came in a tall glass, and when I recognized the emblem printed upon it I let slip from my parted lips a small scream...

It was fucking Sleemans. Amazing. I asked the bartender excitedly, "Do you sell this?!" gesturing at the glass, "No." he replied, but noticing my excitement proclaimed, "but there's a place in Covent Garden that does. The Phoenix." (Sweet, I typed it without spell check, I rule!)

We had a short conversation about Sleemans which ended with me walking away mumbling about how good it is to myself, because the barman was never really listening anyway, and I showed my glass excitedly to my home table. No one but Steph even realized the scope of what they were seeing.

Later, after eating and my visible excitement subsiding proportionally to the fullity of my stomach and the number of beers consumed (which was only two, but I hadn't eaten much that day)... another barman came back to get the glasses...

As the guy lifted the glss from the table I asked, "where could I get a glass like that? Assuming one wanted one..."
"I don't know..." he said, confused.
"cause I really like it... I love Sleeman," I continued happily.
"You want one? I'll bring it back in a second."

I was extatic! He brought it back and asked me if i had somewhere to put it, and I hid it in my bag... the end of the story. I now have my very own Bar Glass of Sleemans! :-D

I was ecstatic! He brought it back and asked me if I had somewhere to put it, and I hid it in my bag... the end of the story. I now have my very own Bar Glass of Sleeman’s!

I am so excited. Plus I met another Fifer! That was the other night at the Ten Bells (Jack the Ripper or something used to hang out there, and it was featured in some writings... I forget which but they were dark, appropriately so because the place was trashy, but nice to sit in) His name is Kevin... I think I made mention of this already... but Andy, Kevin, James, Jenn, Kevin's girlfriend (I forget her name... damn) and I are all going, after New Year, to The Maple Leaf. It's a Canadian bar in Covent Garden. We are going to drink Canadian beers and watch a frickin' Hockey game!! Holy Wah! We met at this pub at Liverpool St. that I went with Andy. The two of us were going to meet his friend Tim, and as we were sitting there James texts me, “I see you over there being a blatant slut. Look toward the bar.” “No way,” I exclaimed. James had randomly walked in with two friends. We all ended up sitting together, hanging out the rest of the night, though later we went to this place called the Ten Bells, which was important for something, and someone cool hung out there. It was fun. Posted by Picasa

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