Saturday, December 03, 2005

Week # 3 of Job.

The last few days have been mostly filled with work. Now that I have a job it’s harder to just bum around. I spend most of my day as an Administrative Assistant to Anne Garvey, Deputy Dean of Faculty in the School of Health and Social Sciences at London’s South Bank University. Either way, I haven’t decided if it sucks, or if I like it. I think I am just there. I am a temporary worker only there until the end of April, so I don’t really have to get into it too much, right? I file, I organize files, I make copies, I answer the phone, I work with Anne’s diary (calendar for you Americans), I receive/send tons of emails, I mark who in the faculty is sick that day (like roll call only complicated because I hear about it second hand thru calls or email and I don’t know anyone), and a number of other tasks. Basically I am Anne’s bitch. But they pay me well and I don’t hate the work, although sometimes the work gets me really frustrated, especially when they give me jobs to do and I have no way of doing them because I don’t know how… yet.

Wednesday after work I went to the Pub Meet and saw a bunch of new people, the pub we met at weas really cool, situated in the basement of this other pub and was long like a tunnel and filled with tables and chairs. It was basically empty. I got a lot of questions about Nice and how it was, so I told the stories as I drank Bavarian Wheat beer (which was really tasty) and by the time 11 rolled around we were all ready to go home. I rode he tube with Jenn and this new girl who lives down the street from me (Michelle) and we chatted, I told them a couple of funny stories from my childhood that I might not have told had I been sober (might not have…).

Thursday after work I went home and did laundry, worked on my Travel Journal and Blog, ate dinner, cleaned my room, all before heading back out on the town. I went to Shawna, Alex, and Anna’s because we were thinking of going out to a movie, but we couldn’t decide on anything really, and then by the time I got there it was 9 already. We ended up hanging out and watching most of Mr. Deeds before they kicked me out to catch the tube for home. It was a good time as usual, me and my girls.

Friday I ended up going out for a drink with Emily after work, but we couldn’t find a place that wasn’t crowded. As we were going out of the second place we’d checked Andy called me and reminded me that Christina (one of the flatmates) was having a going away party @ the Square Pig by Holborn. I asked Emily she was down so we left and headed there. On the way Emily started to feel sick (she has anxiety, but said it wasn’t from that) and by the time we got to the Pig she didn’t want a drink, although for her credit I didn’t really feel like one either. We only stayed for a short while (long enough for me to almost blow the cover on Christina’s office romance that no one in the office knows about) and Emily and I left. Andy stayed and hung out for who knows how long, but Emily wanted to head home. She’s nice and all, but not really a people person, she likes to just hang out at home by herself or get wrapped up in her work. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just not something I can appreciate as much as she can I guess.

After she got on the tube I called up Shawna and asked her what they were up to because I was already in the neighbourhood. They were about to go to a bar, and invited me along. I walked to their place dropped by bag and followed them to this Goth bat off Oxford street, it was really cool! Great décor, good music, and for a Goth bar what seemed like happy people too… strange. Shawna had a friend who was moving to LA from London so she wanted to go to her going away party, which we did, stayed for a beer and then went to meet Alex at Knightsbridge where the third bar (for me) of that night was. We stopped while waiting for Alex to get out of work at this little place by Harrods and I ate dinner for under £5. Alex met us and had a quick burger while telling us about her horrible day. The worst part was these four women who came in and were looking at the ‘Just Like Me’ dolls (Alex works in the toy section) and started to complain about how they didn’t look just like them. They weren’t dark enough (the women were black) and they were verbally accosting this other girl who works in the room, and the other customers were getting upset. Alex tried to diffuse the situation by going over and getting the girl out of it by telling the women she had a phone call, and the woman pushed her out of the way and they kept yelling at her about racism and how unfair and unethical it should be to carry mostly blonde with blue eyed dolls, et cetera. Alex was very upset and the women finally left, but it seemed like a horrible situation. Alex said something that I completely agree with; that those type of people are the ones who give racial action a bad name. The people that yell and piss and moan just to be loud (and yell at a sales associate at Harrods who has nothing to do with the demographics of the sales at Harrods or the purchasing) cornering them (literally) and yelling at them?! Those are the people who create the stereotypes. I agreed, but what can you do about it?

After the food and the conversation we headed to another going away party for a Harrods friend of Alex and Shawna’s, Anna stayed for one drink and she and I chatted for a while off the ‘dance floor’ before she headed home and although I didn’t feel like it I went and danced. It was Shawna, Alex, and me dancing, which was odd in itself, but the floor was so cramped we couldn’t have fun with it. So instead we just kind of gyrated and laughed and gyrated again. It was ok, when I found a space someone had spilled something so I got all excited and used the slippery floor to do some James Brown feet during Can’t touch this and this other guy started getting all huffy and I found myself in a Dance Off!! Now for those of you who don’t know. Trace cannot dance. He makes it up as it goes. This guy, knew what the hell he was doing. I was honoured that he felt I was worthy but he kicked my ass, and I knew it 2 seconds after he started. In the future I have to keep my James Brown feet to myself and stick with the Lawn Sprinkler or the Shopping Cart. It was really fun to do anyway. I got home around 1 leaving my bag at their place and tomorrow is a day trip to Leeds Castle! Today? No clue.


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