Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Boxing Day

“I fucking hate boxing day,” I said to Kara, she nodded her agreement vigorously. This pretty much sums up Boxing Day for the two of us. We were having all sorts of problems getting to WG for the final prep before leaving for Scotland; we wanted to see the city a while before we left… but most everything was closed because it was a bank holiday. We’d eaten shwarmas for lunch while I finished packing (so good!) and then hefted the packs while wandering the city. I am getting much more comfortable with my pack on; which is good because I really like my pack and will need to be used to it before exploring Europe in three months.

** An aside for a mo. **

I am half done with my London experience. It seems like I just got here. This is very disconcerting. I miss everyone at home, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to explore here more, I am starting to find that I am running out of time to see things and have to prioritize more… see less… It’s quite sad. I will just have to come back. Though today (8 Jan) Steph informed me of an option (probably in November) of living at a villa in Tuscany for a month for US$250… that would be incredible… We’d just need a couple of people to come with…

After we’d seen most of downtown London we decided to get to the airport, but since it was Fucking Boxing Day the bus we were going to take to Stansted airport wasn’t running! Fucking Boxing Day!! So we ran (well sort of waddled quickly wearing big backpacks, can you picture it?) and headed to Liverpool St. for the more expensive, but much faster, Stansted Express train, which was also NOT RUNNING! GRR BOXING DAY!! But there was bus replacement service… we were so upset because now we might not actually make out flight if the bus took the 100 minutes promised by the other buses. So when buying our tickets (“Return please… thank you…”) we got on the bus quickly and were SO relieved to hear about the 50 minute trip… we’d have plenty of time… whew. What a relief. It wasn’t until we were actually on the plane that we realized that we’d bought return tickets (I blame myself) when we weren’t flying back… we were taking the train from Edinburgh. I’m such a dumass. *sigh*

We made our flight no problem, though Steph didn’t arrive till just before the flight due to Boxing Day issues of her own. The flight was uneventful, and cheap, huzzah for RyanAir’s £20 tickets! We arrived in Scotland late at night and took a bus to the town centre where we walked to the ‘hotel’ that we were staying at. It was really spacious room for the £18 per person that it cost! Kara and I were hungry so we left Steph watch a late 60s early 70s British film called Mutiny on the Buses which was a quite funny comedy about bus drivers in Britain and their crazy shenanigans! We went to the high road and found a pizza place… a 14” for £5.50 with spicy chicken! The chicken was actually a red that I have never seen in nature but being surrounded by Scottish people ) was cool (including the guys running the place who were from the middle east somewhere so had a Mid-east/Scottish accent). We went back to the hotel and ate while watching the crazy shenanigans and eventually slept.

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