Saturday, January 14, 2006

The first days of the New Year

We were up and out by 11… heading to a pub with our backpacks. The streets were empty because some people had inevitably partied late into the morning. We found a place called Deacon Brodie, a man I had never heard of, but had apparently done some serious shit. We read about him on the menu and he was a Deacon who was corrupt, but in a good way sometimes. He had a sad story which you can read on Wikipedia here. I’d found a place near our hotel, but it wasn’t open. That was disappointing because they’d had French toast! This place didn’t, and our backpackes were too big to fit comfortably anywhere so it was crowded and a bit awkward, but tasty. I got the traditional breakfast and ate all the haggis again, it was so good!

Afterward we headed for the train station, ending up waiting for about 30-40 minutes for the late train. We boarded and headed back to London, noticing all of the empty Edinburgh to London reserved seats, talking about how they were probably wasted and sleeping it off. We had a good laugh, not regretting for a second our cheaper option.

Five or so hours later we were back in London as King’s Cross, having to wait in line to renew my oyster card and then making it an early night and heading home. All in all Scotland was amazing. Great people, good pictures, and a helluva lot of blogging… today is 15th of January and I have just finished typing about it, what a great week it was, and one I will never forget. I want to go back.

2nd January 2006

On the second of the new year I was back with Steph and Kara going shoe shopping. Kara had discovered holes in her shoes while in Scotland which made hiking and walking in the rain (not a rare thing in Scotland) very unpleasant. We shopped most of the day and didn’t find anything. We all needed new shoes, my Merrells (while still comfortable) are starting to fall apart… it’s really sad…

We also decided to go to St. Paul’s and actually pay to get in… we wanted to cross some of the things off Kara’s list of: Things to Do in London. St. Paul’s has a tour and you can walk all the way to the very top of the dome. It was a great view of London and also eye opening… if there had been a fire though we all would have died because the stairs in some places on the way up are hardly wide enough for me and not nearly tall enough. It was quite an experience. I got some pictures though…

Next, we went to the British museum and was able to see part of the Egyptian room before it closed. Kara was excited and I am always happy to be at the British Museum, a great museum and funny because nothing in it is British. Britain is very obsessed with the idea of it’s own Empire… and this museum is just one of many that illustrates that they loved it, and miss it… very strange mentality to think of a modern country that misses owning the other countries that it had wrongfully stolen… strange indeed.

Then, we headed back to St. John’s Wood and watched A Few Good Men at Steph’s place before I headed home.

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