Sunday, January 29, 2006

Greenwich, V&A, and Almost Germany! (Almost)

On Sunday, Matt, GP, Kate, John, Anna, Steph, Max and I went to Greenwich again. We really wanted Mexican food. It was excellent, yet again. Although, we had to wait for GP because he and Max actually got off at Greenwich rather than Cutty Sark. Confusing, I know. After we’d had dinner and talked and laughed and generally acted very European sitting at the table for over 30 minutes after we’d had it cleared… I love that. I really think it is the best feeling. I love to sit long after the table has been cleared, the drinks are gone, and they’ve even wiped the table off. In America the server would return every few minutes and try to get you out of the place, but in Europe, that table is yours until you leave, no one will rush you out. I love it. After we’d eaten we sat for a long time just talking and laughing… what a great life.

Afterward we headed to the prime meridian to show all of those who haven’t seen it, but we found a huge laser. It was amazing! The laser was shooting out over the buildings and the park was closed so we walked down a street and followed the gates of the park till we were right under the green unnatural light shooting off over the city toward south London. We laughed and talked and joked about the buildings cut in half by the meridian. Max and I clicked right away and we ended up doing a jig over the line and GP and I gave high fives. It was a great time.

On Monday we headed to the Clifton with all of our group plus a few others. Steph invited a friend of hers who brought two other girls (Laura?, Michelle, and Charlotte) and we all sat around and talked for a while just enjoying each others company as usual. After some time we eventually decided it was time for bed. This week was pretty slow so far…

Next, on Tuesday I headed out to the Prince Albert Museum with Ross, Amanda, Steph, Andy, then to Bayswater and chilled for a bit with Amanda, Ross and Steph (who was going to move in with Amanda and Morgan soon after) afterward we hung out at a pub in Bayswater where Morgan joined us after he work party. It was pretty funny because she was pretty drunk so she didn’t last long before heading home.

I didn’t really enjoy the V&A too much because it was poorly laid out and a museum full of just stuff. Chairs, tables, silverware, plates, wallpaper, electronics, it was a museum of material history. Not that it’s not important to keep those things around for posterity, but it was kind of boring that’s all. It would have been better to show progression of the styles, but sometimes it was just rooms of stuff… oh well.

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