Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A nearly normal post...

An explanation of this picture is in order. Andy got a game, called pin the melons on the babe or something... and Kara on her last ngiht in town decided they belonged in her shirt. So there they are. I had to get a picture. We all laughed pretty heartily.

Wednesday, 04 January 2006
Tuesday was easy enough to remember… as that it was yesterday… well I haven’t slept yet. Its 130am… Kara leaves in the morning. It’s going to be weird to not have to think about what she is doing. Tonight was fun, during the day was boring. I was back at work today, while Kara headed around town and went to the Tower of London etc. I could have gone with her I figure because Anne is out sick till Thursday. Wednesday will be equally boring I surmise. Tonight Steph, Kara and I went to see a musical, perhaps you’ve heard of it… Les Miserables; IT WAS FANTASTIC. I had seen it before, but never at a real venue, just the travelling show that came to Miller, and that was crap. I didn’t really want to see Les Mis yesterday when we’d originally planned to go, but overnight I became more optimistic.
I got out of work early and headed to Tower Hill to walk with Kara and together (after she left the Tower of London) we headed to Covent Garden to look for the Maple Leaf (a Canadian bar that I will be watching Hockey at sometime soon), but failed. We met with Steph outside the tube station and bought our tickets (£17.50 for the topmost row) and found a restaurant right near the theatre, a little Italian place that was really delicious, I even paid the £4.50 for the home made tiramisu (so worth it).
The show was just incredible. I was so impressed with the cast, and even though I was so high up, I could see fine, and for 50p I rented little plastic opera glasses to see better, they were really great help. After the show I came home and fixed the wireless internet for good. I am amazing, I know. Kara is in bed… I should go to bed too.
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