Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Ruthie's Last Night & NogFest!

Wednesday, 21 December 2005

Wednesday I went out with Kara for a while we didn’t really do much, just wandered the city, had a drink, etc… Shawna came over and wanted to do some baking, but after a while realized she couldn’t, because there was no pumpkin for the bread. We searched high and low, but eventually gave up... it was a sad day.

Thursday then became baking night. Shawna came over and began the epic Pumpkin Bread, and after a few hours of that we were all ready to escape the house. Two of the bread-pans were so full they overflowed in the oven and Shawna freaked out… After all the food was done Kara, Shawna, and I went to Knightsbridge to a bar (back to the one from when I had the dance off). Kara was not that interested in having anything to drink until she bought a Magners Cider… she loved it… and after the one she had we were about ready to leave. We were really only there for something to do. Afterward Shawna and Alex came back to Willesden to get their food and transport it back to Holborn…

Amanda and I marvelling at the NOG.

Friday was NogFest! Stressful, at first, because after work I needed to get everything ready and get it to the Churchill (their place). That task alone was a pain, but then when I arrived I needed to get some shopping for the Nog itself! Anna said the closest Sainsbury’s was in Angel (a shit-hole covered in trash that was a 20 minute walk… I walked faster than I have in a long while, so fast my shin muscles were hurting) then great! I started the Nog after the trip to Angel and back with the full knowledge that it would not actually be ready for the party… I was really upset. Eventually, after Kara arrived and helped out, and things were getting together, I was calmed down. The party went well, the Nog didn’t go over so well, I think because it needed to actually cool… We had mostly mulled wine, but no one really got wasted, which is the point. It was also Kara’s birthday (her 21st) as well so after a while Katie and Neil took Kara to a bar and they came back about the time the party was winding down. Then we went to Walkabout.

We went to the trashy one by the Cambridge and had a great ‘ol time. It was James, Amanda, Ruthie (her last night in the UK), Kara and me. Kara was not interested in being there, but the rest of us were very interested in making sure her 21st was memorable (we really felt like it was our duty) Ruthie bought a Stella and handed it to Kara with specific instructions and against her protests (“Here drink this!”) then bought a shot of tequila with a lime and some salt, took the beer from Kara (“Have you ever done a body shot?”) and we watched as Kara did a tequila shot and then proceeded to hand her the pint of Stella (“Good job, here’s your beer, happy birthday.”) We all smiled. Kara seemed a little pressured, but she didn’t protest, she held the Stella commenting, “I can’t tell whether this is a beer or a cider!” I felt this was a good sign, because Stella kind of sucks.

Eventually we all had been boozing and we wall pissed the downstairs bar was closed, but were determined to enjoy ourselves. We drank, we danced (especially James) and we made sure Kara drank enough to dance as well. She was doing the drunk person’s sway-dance, complete with hair tossing, by the end of the night. It was hilarious. The music was crap for the most part and the bar cleared out pretty well by 330a when we left. We ended up on the night bus, said goodbye to Ruthie and headed home.

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