Sunday, February 26, 2006

I'm sorry I'm so Busy!!

These few weeks have been über full! I’ve not had time to blog for quite a while, there has been travels, parties, planning of the travel next month, the crazyness at work (working from 830a-630p!) and all sorts of other activities! I even saw a show that I never planned on seeing just because I was there at the right time!!

Starting with Monday 13 February when I was bored at home and wanted to make sure not to stay there. I decided after chillin’ for a little while that I would go to Bayswater to blog with Stephanie and watch the Olympics for a while. We wanted to talk a bit about travels too… we failed at both blogging and travelling however and only succeeded at watching the Olympics for the most part. This was the day after we’d come back from Cardiff, but I was not really in the mood for blogging and therefore failed completely at it. Plus there was the Chinese couple who were figure skating and she had a horrible fall and they stopped and skated around for a while and still got the silver… crazy.

Tuesday I had dinner with Meredith (mMMMmmMmm Steak!) we talked about how there really aren’t steaks here like there are at home. I’d never really thought about it. Everyone knows that in the USA they have a lot more choices then they do here, but I other than cereal I’d never seen evidence such as I had with steaks! “In the USA they have every cut you can imagine,” we told this British guy that Meredith lives with, “rump steaks, new york strips, t-bones, everything!” Here they only have two kinds, and I don’t even remember the names. They aren’t very specific they are just cuts of meat basically. From whatever part they can cut from, maybe? Either way it’s crazy how they don’t have any selection. The steaks were really good thanks to Meredith’s cooking though.

After dinner we didn’t really know what to do, so since it was early I suggested going to downtown London (of course to the photo exibit) and she’d never been to St. Paul’s or anything near there really, so we wandered around there for a few hours. I had to show her Earth from the, she liked it (though not like the love that I have for it…), and afterward we wandered around the Tower Bridge area. It was a great time.

Wednesday there was work till late… I had been working late many times and would continue to do so over the next few weeks (silly me thinking it was a one time or few time thing) because we have a Self-Evaluation Document that was due soon and needed to finish it and organize everything (evidence all of the arguments made, et cetera) and it fell to me to organise the evidence coming in from the 150 people in the faculty. This was no small task as that each piece of evidence was connected to a footnote in the document (which was constantly changing) and there were no consistent labels or filenames. It was hell to get these academic’s files organised…

Anyway there was a pub meet after work so I rushed home, showered and then out to Printwork’s over by Holborn and Farringdon for the BUNAC Pub Meet. I couldn’t miss it!! I’d only missed one and that was when I was in France! The pub meet was great (as they all are) because I got to see Amanda and Ross (who had just been to Sweden the weekend before) their stories from their trip were fantastic, and hilarious. I love those guys… they are people that you meet and just hope that you can keep on meeting them forever, and I really hope do (I think we will). I hung out there and the two of them eventually left, but Steph was there along with Alex, Anna, Andy, Katie, and Neil (I love that guy) and we all chilled and Neil and I confirmed our awesome bond we’d made at the last bar we’d gone to (remember the post with the cartoon themes and the bad live band?). We laughed and laughed and I heard one of the best Steven Segal impressions by a British Guy I will ever hear. It was amazing. Afterward, Andy and I walked home talking about our great luck and how much we love our friends. And it’s very true. I thank the sorceress for our friends, old and new. – that rhymed… I am a poet! The Shakespearian talent has rubbed off on me! God be praised!

Thursday was just another work day and afterward I don’t remember what I did… this is why I write things down people! Shit! I hat it when I forget… Dammit, I’m still rhyming… stop that rhyming I mean it! (you already know this part…)

Friday I left work early and headed to Cornwall with Steph and Morgan!! Yay! GO TEAM ALPHA! w00t!

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