Monday, February 13, 2006

The last week or so since I went to Liverpool has been crazy at work. If you haven’t noticed I’ve stopped writing (somewhat reluctantly) about the every day labours of London. I love London, but I only have a few short weeks left and it’s starting to weigh on me. I’ve met a girl named Heidi as you’ve gathered, who I definitely have a crush on, but she’s not interested. I’ve been out to the pubs, to bars and hanging out with everyone all the time.

Earlier this week the most memorable evening was when I went out with Anna, Alex, Neil, Katie, and Kim… it was a Thursday.

The night started out kind of boring, until I headed to the Churchill (the hostel where the girls all live). I hung out there for quite some time, Andy showed up shortly after I got there and he and I hung out with Katie and Alex until we decided to head to Angel and go to a cheap Indian food place. What is it about places named Angel? They are never nice! Los Angeles is not a great place to visit in terms of how beautiful and nice it is, or at least it’s not what it’s known for. Angel is nice, but it’s not exactly the nicest part of London, et cetera; moving on.

We arrived at the Indian food place, and waited for Neil, but he wasn’t showing up, Anna was on her way and even Kim showed up after a while. The food was really great, the company was even better. After we’d eaten Neil and then Anna arrived so we sat around and talked for a long while until deciding to go down the street to a cheap bar where they had 1.50 mixed drinks and 1.50 Stella’s (a crappy beer). Neil’s friends were all British (of course) and had just come from their football playoff match (which they won) so they were all in a great mood.

They were boozing and laughing while a live band was setting up on the ‘stage’ at one end of the bar. The place was really clean and had a number of couches and booths to sit in so we found a couch and a couple of chairs by the door. The band was a cover band, playing Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Franz Ferdiand, Keiser Chiefs, Green Day, more Green Day, Blink 182, Eminem, Sublime, and a number of others. They were really funny and entertaining. We all did a lot of drinking and signing along, Neil and I bonded over old cartoon themes (one of my fortes) and we had a great time. I got into a conversation with one of Neil’s friends about the USA and politics, and then another one of his friends was really proud that he thought he could name all 50 states in alphabetical order… “There’s 50 right?” I had been drinking and lost count, but we figured he missed 2… but that was still really good.

We left around 23:40 and I literally ran from Alex and Anna’s to the tube and barely made it back in time to catch the train to be able to transfer from the Central to the Jubilee line, what a great night… too bad I had to work in the morning…

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