Tuesday, February 21, 2006


as kind of an intermission of the last - last - weekend story... here is my Monday Night THIS week... confusing I know... the night of Monday 20 February, 2006...

I had to stay at work until 6... I got on the tube around 6:20 or so i think...

The trip started fine, I got a seat eventually, read my book and was just hanging out all the way to around West Hampstead. Until, between West Hampstead and Kilburn the train grinds to a halt and sits there for a few minutes (like it does sometimes). After about 5 minutes, however, the driver comes on and he says, "Ladies and Gentlemen, just an update on why we've stopped for so long, there has been a signal failure on this section of the Jubilee Line between Baker Street and Wembley Park all the signals are showing Danger, so I am trying to get a hold of the radio operator and find out when I will be able to proceed..." I looked at the girl next to me and asked her (a random stranger on the tube, crazy I know) where she was going, 'Kilburn,' she said, "Almost made it..." I replied smiling at her, she smiled back and we went back to reading.
A minute or so later I gave up and did my best to start a conversation with her, no one else on the tube was talking or anything, and I figured... Why not? We'd be here for a while... she looked nice, and I wanted to know about the book she was reading anyway... We chatted a little about the books we were reading, and talked about Kinky Friedmann (who wrote her book) he is a Jewish comedian from Texas running for governer (which I think is absolutely brilliant) some of his slogans are, 'Why the Hell not?' and the like... We chatted for a while about work and where I was from et cetera, the driver gave us a few updates and eventually said he was going to proceed past the Danger signal and pull into the Kilburn Station enough that we could de-train through the front set of doors.
As it turned out, the train in front of us made it's move at the same moment so we de-trained completely, walked out, and as we were decending the stairs tothe gates I asked the girl's name (Sarah) and the guy walking down the stairs behind us (who was in our tube-car smirking at our converstion -- I'd noticed) put one of his hands on each of our shoulders and with a jolly voice said loudly, "It's Fate!! Exchange Numbers!! No strangers ever talk on the tube!!" and then laughed heartily. I am not going to say I hadn't thought about it, but she turned so red I figured I'd find another way. I knew where she worked (at the Zoological Museum on Gower Road) so I figure I'll just go check it out sometime if I am bored... I told her this and she seemed to be fine with it... who knows.
We parted ways and I started walking home, but went the wrong way... a lot... but eventually I got there... eventually being around 8:00... two hours after I'd left work.
When I'd finally come near home and walked toward my street I noticed something wasn't right... there were an awful lot of helicopters in the air around the heighborhood, and it seemed oddly dark... I realised there were no lights on in any of the houses... a power outage? Strange... I walked down in the murky darkness with the choppers far overhead and figured I'd just go inside and see if anyone knew what was going on. Apparently there was a raid at a house down the street; a couple of the Aussie guys watched a bunch of cops with machine guns going down the street toward some house nearby. Crazy. I had a bowl of cereal, hung out with Jenn and left (I couldn't really cook dinner in the dark).

I was stupid.

The tube seemed to be OK again. I got back on.

I sat in the Willesden Green stop for 20 minutes... my mom called. I talked to her... the train moved to the space in between WG and Kilburn. Kristen called just after my mother, I talked to her for 20 minutes. The train moved from Kilburn to the station to the space between Kilburn and West Hampstead. I talked to Jenn (who'd decided to leave the pitch blackness of the house and join with me) for another 20 minutes and then we'd moved nearly to swiss cottage, and then baker street, where Jenn and I de-trained at a bit of a jog.
I then boarded the Hammersmith & City Line bound for Paddington, excited to be off the Jubilee Line wrought with delays, when suddenly, 2 minutes outside of Baker Street... in the tunnel between Baker Street and Edgware Road the train stopped again! "Ladies and Gentlemen, a fellow passenger has left a few personal items in the station at Paddington so all of the trains are backed up to here, the Edgeware road is full of Circle line trains so we are just waiting to get in there," the driver commented dubiously. "Surely not," I thought, "damn my luck today."

Needless to say as soon as we got to Edgware road Jenn and I de-tubed for good and started walking from Edgware to Bayswater. We laughed about how we can never hang out because something always happens like this (readers can look back to the first time Jenn and I hung out in the December archives for the tale) We arrived in Bayswater 10. I'd left home at 8:30. What a trip. Amanda, Ross, Jenn and I went to a pub around the corner and laughed and talked and had a couple of bitters until it closed, then I tubed it home (uneventfully thank god because I had to pee!!) and went to bed. I really love those two... amanda and ross... they are like... the best.

if you don't want to read all that... I got stuck on the tube for about 3 hours, met a girl named Sarah, and walked from both Kilburn to Willesden Green and then later Edgware to Bayswater (getting a bit confused and going the wrong way both times) and finally got a beer and headed back home. What an uneventfully eventful evening eh?

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Hugh Duyatink said...

See that is why England should bulldoze everything and let people drive their own personal vehicles everywhere! Screw "public transit"!!!! The future is 10 lane highways!!

Just kidding... just kidding! I wouldn't be much of an urban planner if i didnt' love mass transit and hate multi-lane highways. ;)