Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hello everyone!! Sorry for the lack of blogging, I've been all over the place!!

I hope you still are reading and haven't left me for dead...

Here is my itinerary, for the time being i am taknig 1000's of pictures andwritign in a paper journal so i can update this When I have returned to the states on 3 May! Keep chceking back though!

I've been to:
Ireland: Amazing
Egypt: Mind Blowing! Culturally Expanding...
The Netherlands: Amsterdam was cool, some prostitures knocked on the window at me... wierd...

Now we are going to leave for Belgium, soooooo see you soon!

Here is our full itineray!

Mar 12: UK to Ireland - Trace, Steph, (& Anna?) leave London Stnstd at 12.05pm and arrive in Dublin at 1.15pm
13: Dublin to Kilkenny - Leave on Shamrocker tour 08.15am; Glendalough, Kildare, Rock of Dunamase, Kilkenny
14: Kilkenny to Killarney – Rock of Cashel, Blarney Stone, Cork, Killarney
15: Killarney to Doolin - fishing villages, Dingle Peninsula, Cliffs of Moher, Doolin
16: Doolin to Galway – Doolin, Burren landscape, Pol na Brone Dolmen tomb, Galway
17: Galway - St. Patrick’s Day in Galway
18: Galway to Dublin to UK - Clonmacnoise, Dublin distillery, Meath; return to Dublin c. 5.30pm, leave Dublin 9.15pm and arrive in London at 10.25pm.
19: UK to Cairo – Leave Heathrow at 6.20am and arrive in Cairo at 2.35. Join Topdeck Tour that afternoon.
20: Cairo to Luxor – Egyptian Museum, Giza and Pyramids, night train to Luxor
21: Luxor – Temple of Karnak, Temple of Luxor, markets
22: Luxor to Aswan – Valley of the Kings. Ramesseum Temple, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Colossi of Memnon, Aswan
23: Aswan – Abu Simbel and Temple of Hathor, Temple of Isis and High Dam, bazaars
24: Aswan to Cairo – felucca ride at Elephantine and Kitchener Islands, Nubian village, night train to Cairo
25: Cairo – Saqqara, Coptic churches, market
26: Egypt to Amsterdam – Tour ends in morning, leave Cairo at 3.20pm and arrive in Amsterdam at 10.20pm. Katie flies in 10.30-11.00am
27: Amsterdam – museums/anne frank house, shopping/markets, biking, red light district, etc.
28: Amsterdam – (see above)
29: Amsterdam to Bruge - train w/ maybe stops in Antwerp/Ghent; Market Square, Beginhof if nice
30: Bruge – bikes, city walk, canal cruise, museums, Straffe Hendrik brewery tour, etc.
31: Bruge – bikes to Damme along canal, Oostand, North Sea visit, maybe late train to Brussels or another night in Bruge
Apr 1: Bruge to Brussels – Grote Markt Walk, museums, shopping, etc.
2: Brussels to Luxembourg – Katie still working on plans
3: Luxembourg to Mosel Valley – Katie still working on plans, travel to Mosel Valley
4: Mosel and Rhine Valley – biking and tour, Rhinefels Castle
5: Mosel and Rhine Valley to Koln – finish bikey, to Koln, Koln Cathedral
6: Koln to Munich – Katie flies out of Amsterdam at 1.00pm. Trace and Steph to Munich (07:54 – 12:30)
7: Munich – day trip to Nuwanstien Castle
8: Munich to Milan – finish Munich, night train to Milan (20:56 – 07:45)
9: Milan to Naples – early train to Naples (08:00 - 14:30?, if miss, then prob have to take train that changes in Rome)
10: Naples – day trip to Pompeii (08:50 – 9:18?)
11: Naples to Rome – train to Rome (2 trains/hr, c.2 hr)
12: Rome – meet Shauna and Anna and probably Morgan
13: Rome –
14: Rome to Florence – (1-2 trains/hr, 1.5-2hr.)
15: Florence – day trip to Pisa (1-2 trains/hr, 1.5 hr)
16: Florence – EASTER, Florence Easter firework thing?
17: Florence to Venice – (10/12:39 – 13/15:28)
18: Venice to Milan to Barcelona – Express trains to Milan every 1-2 hrs (14.22 – 17:05) Night train to Barcelona (leaves c. 19:50 – 09:02)
19: Barcelona to Sevilla – day in Barcelona (day trip?), night train to Sevilla (22:30 – 08:40)
20: Sevilla – meet Amanda and Ross
21: Sevilla – day trip to Costa de Luz/Gibraltar/Cadiz…?
22: Sevilla -
23: Sevilla to Granada – (07:00 – 10:05?)
24: Granada to Barcelona – night train to Barcelona (21:25 – 9:20)
25: Barcelona -
26: Barcelona to Paris – night Train to Paris (21:05 – 8:48)
27: Paris -
28: Paris – day trip to Versailles
29: Paris -
30: Paris to UK – Eurostar to London (1-2 trains/hr at least, c. 2hr)
May 1: UK - Steph leaves Heathrow at 3.40pm.
2: UK -
3: UK - Trace leaves
Travelling buddies:
Benelux: Katie
Rome & Flroence: Anna, Shauna, (and probably) Morgan and her cousin
All of Spain: Amanda and Ros
Barcelona & Paris: probably Morgan

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Kristen said...

My mother says she's jealous of your travels. Yes, my mother reads your blog.
Neuschwanstein Castle is quite the sensual experience. That Ludwig guy was pretty kooky. He wasn't really into the whole reality scene. I guess when you're a king you can translate that into building an amazing castle that will blow everyone's minds!
Ok, that's all. Have fun! See you soon.