Friday, June 23, 2006

The End is Near...

This was another week of shows, and such, except… there was a problem with Heidi. Sunday when she went to Camden after getting out of work she wasn’t feeling very well and her finger was very swollen. Because of this on Monday when it was even worse and hurting constantly she decided to go back to the hospital to see what was going on. It turned out that her finger was infected, so the next thing I’d heard she was in the Chelsea NHS Hospital! She had emergency surgery, but I couldn’t go see her because when she’d come out of the anaesthesia they found that her jaw had slipped out of the joint and become dislocated! She flat refused to let anyone but Meredith see her like that… Following her jaw relocation I headed over to Chelsea and was able to find her in the hospital, though that was made easy because Mer and one of her roommates were sitting near the lobby at a cafĂ©… I had just left work so I sat to talk with them and then Mer and I went upstairs to see Heidi. She looked okay, aside from being in a bed and having a head wrap on.

We talked for a while and eventually went out of the hospital and walked to the closest McDonalds (40 min walk!) and got some food and a chocolate shake (for Heidi) and caught the bus back for the end for visiting hours. I went back to the Green and made dinner before going to bed, she was due to get out the next day so as long as her jaw wasn’t stuck open in that funny way… I wasn’t worried.
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The next day (Tuesday) I had a great day at work, I’m not sure what made it so great, but it just was! It was Alex’s last day at work… she was leaving for her trips soon (Morocco and Ireland – I think) and then getting back just in time for her flight back to Texas. Not a lot happened today that I can remember… Heidi got out of the hospital and I went to see her at home, she was looking and feeling tons better.Wednesday, post-work, was dinner at H&M’s, Heidi was still out of work, they didn’t want her back until her finger had completely healed, which was kind of crappy but necessary. We had fajitas! They were really great, Meredith made them all up and we ate to our hearts content. She didn’t really know I was coming, but she had a little extra and I had helped her shop a bit so it wasn’t totally unexpected. I helped a little with cleanup, but it was my last pub meet! So I had to run… The last pub meet was alright, I missed Karen L, but got to see everyone else… everyone else being just Elsa (?) and Steph… It was a small dirty place that I don’t remember the name of in Angel. It was fun, but the strange thing is that I could almost see life from the BUNAC employee perspective, they were the only ones I knew, and everyone else was new Americans. It was really strange as that I used to go to the pub meets and know everyone, or at least a dozen people, but not anymore. It was really starting to hit home that I was almost done. Soon it was all over and I hugged goodbye to everyone, left for home, and was sad that London was coming to a close… it was too short. There is just too much to do in life to stay, but too much to do in London to go.

Thursday of my last full week I had work (of course) and realised there was only a week left! That was pretty exciting to say the least. I wore a suit to work, because we were having High Tea at the Ritz afterward! The office-ites were all mucho jealous of my life. Not only did I travel every weekend to some exotic British locale, but I also was having high tea at the Ritz! Steph and I met at the tube station and walked to the Hotel, it was just like on TV, simple and small, but very… ritzy! Steph and I waited for Morgan and Robin to arrive, which was shortly. Steph did manage to lean against a jewellery case and knock a (probably expensive) necklace off its display by nudging it (she didn’t even notice – Robin and I did though) and pointed it out just as we decided to try and get a seat while waiting for our 7:30pm tea. We went into the cocktail bar and a really nice waiter found us a seat in the crowded place and we all ordered a cocktail (£13 per! Ack! – no I am not trying to be Cathy the comic strip we all know she sucks). We decided to maximise our experience and all ordered something different. Mine was the Ritz Medley, Morgan’s was Lemon Meringue (and it even had the meringue!!) They were all amazing, I don’t really remember what Robin and Steph got, but they were equally exotic and fab.Our reservation came after we’d been in the cocktail bar a short while so we took our drinks into the tea area and sat down in our corner. It was beautiful inside and we were surrounded by really wealthy people, we were definitely living above out station for this night, but I think we were all OK with it. The room was amazing, gilded and white with high ceilings and columns it was filled with small tables with tall tea trays. We perused the tea and sandwich menu and couldn’t stop smiling. The waiters visited and we ordered a pot of Earl Grey and another pot of something else I can’t remember the name of. They brought a tall selection of tea trays with sandwiches, pastries and little scone morsels. The presentation was great the food was better! The tea was amazing and we even got a free glass of champagne.
We ate for quite a while, and created quite a rapport with the waiters. We got more desserts and sandwiches and really enjoyed the tea, but after a while we needed another pot. We looked a number of different things and finally decided on a tea that was only described as ‘smoky.’ When it arrived we were VERY surprised because the tea actually did taste smoky! It was so amazing, but so strange. It was a tea for connoisseurs (so they said) and I found that it would not have been an enjoyable thing to drink otherwise, but with the cucumber sandwiches and the awesome creamy pastries… wow…After the champagne and the cocktail we were all in really good… spirits… J and ate until the tea was ending and they wouldn’t bring any more sandwiches (we were the last ones there). At the end of the night we weren’t really ready to go home, so instead Robin and I wandered the hotel and realised just how small the place is! It’s tiny! I learned about the building in the cramped London construction site and the problem with storage the hotel still faces. It was really interesting! Eventually we left, still not tired, and walked through Green Park to enjoy the rest of our evening, one of our last in our adopted home. I will miss this place… a lot.
...i miss my jubilee line...

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