Thursday, September 28, 2006

Taxation... a new look.

From George Lakoff’s book, Don’t think of an Elephant. It’s my new joy… here is an excerpt about taxation. It’s an advert reframing taxation not as a Tax Burden as Bush said in his 2000 State of the Union address but rather as an investment in the future… Very interesting outlook and if taken on the people would most certainly be better off.

Taxation is paying your dues, paying your membership fee in America. If you join a country club of a community centre, you pay fees. Why? You didn’t not build the swimming pool. You have to maintain it. You did not build the basketball court. Someone has to clean it. You may not use the squash court but you still have to pay your dues. Otherwise it won’t be maintained and will fall apart. People who avoid taxes, like corporations that move to Bermuda, are not paying their dues to their country. It is patriotic to be a taxpayer. It is traitorous to desert our country and not pay your dues.

Perhaps Bill Gates Sr. said it best. In arguing to keep the inheritance tax, he pointed out that he and Bill Jr. did not invent the Internet. They just used it – to make billions. There is not such this as a self-made man. Every businessman has used the vast American infrastructure, which the taxpayers paid for, to make their money. He did not make his money alone. He used taxpayer infrastructure. He got rich on what other taxpayers had paid for: the banking system, the Federal Reserve, the Treasury and Commerce Departments, and the judicial system, where nine-tenths of cases involve corporate law. These taxpayer investments support companies and wealthy investors. There are no self-made men! The wealthy have gotten rich using what other taxpayers have paid for. They owe the taxpayers in this country a great deal of money and should be paying it back.

I think it is an accurate view of taxes… but we just need to start thinking of them this way… not as a Burden needing Tax Relief as Republicans so often say… but as an investment. To control that investment we need to vote the right people into government… to curb the squandering of our investments and keep the corporations and greedy corrupt politicians from stealing our money for their own uses…

Monday, September 25, 2006

September 2006

Wow has it really be over a month since I updated?!! That is far too long... Lets see... since The end of July August has come and gone, my friend Alissa who I met in London came to visit with her sister, Sandy was here, we all drank on the porch... Jacqui came to visit and we walked all over the island, drank at the Seabiscuit, and then I went to Harbour Springs and saw her off island (which was weird in itself) Kris and I have had our ups and downs, but for the most part we're doing well...

Crusty, Wheezy and I all work at the fort, but thats it! Sometimes Smithy visits from the mainland but it's mainly the three of us. Crazy... I think I bring down the average age by like half as well.

Now it's nearly the end of September and I'm going to be living with my Grandma in Okemos at the end of the season and looking at Graduate School... have any suggestions?

I want to go into Media Studies... it seems like Cali Berkley, Wisconson Madison, UofM, Ill. Chicago, and Northwestern all have good programs... I really want to get out of Michigan... I love it and all, but the only way to grow is to challenge yourself and for me challege comes in being on my own away from eveything else.

I am going to stay here on the island for another couple of weeks and then be back in Lansing for a while... if you want to see me call my mobile... which you can get if you friend me on the

facebook! I miss everyone... London, friends from home... friends from school... kris will be leaving me soon and then who will i talk to?

I remember a quote from a movie...
"what'll I do with just a photograph... to tell my troubles to?"

it's a crappy movie, but it's a relevant quote... it's different this time... I was just in London, only 5 hours away... Thailand is what... 10? 12 hours? away... a long long way... plus that assumes there is even a viable way for her to contact me, in my case it was cheaper to call to North America than to call fellow UK-ers. Anyway! Don't be a stranger... if you check my blog frequently, comment, I'll feel the love...

everyone needs a little love sometimes :)