Sunday, November 19, 2006

Post-Island Update

A tree in Kzoo

Well, here I am in Okemos, Michigan. In my grandma's basement...

No i don't kill people and I am not in a horror movie, but I do have wood paneling on the walls so I guess I would have two strikes, but a lot of the walls are covered with pictures of friends and happy times so I think that would counteract any illicit feelings don't you? :)

I figured I should let people know what is going on in my life and for those people who really do care, I wrote a journal about my European adventures, but I can't bring myself to go through it and type it all out because it is 100s of pages!

Lets see, how about the last few weeks since I left the island... that's right for those of you that didn't know I was on the island all summer (again). It was amazing as always, I really am in love with that place. I was on TV not less than twice because of my job, and once I was on a special HD presentation from WZZM 13 (say that because I don't know where that is, maybe someone else does?) that I just found out about two days ago, it was weird... I don't know if I like being on TV, but was a cool experience really...

So after a summer of fun and Mackinac with the gang, Dennis retired. He's gone folks, no more Dennis Havlena. The Dynasty has ended. Moment of Silence for the big guy.
Took that one with my phone.

Anyway, after the island I have been spending all of my time looking for jobs, and for a few eeks I was trying to spend time with Kristen, but she's long gone now. She's left for Thailand, look for her blog link on the sidebar over there --->
at the Detroit Zoo with Jenn and Kris!

Kris and I are officially broken up again, but we still chat every few days from Thailand because he has internet at her apt. She's in an ESL class to teach there for a year. To pre-empt your questions, I don't know if we are going to get back together, there's no way to tell, and yes we are broken up at this point. But at least we are still friends...
Jamie, Colin and I at Kris' going away party

I've applied for a number of jobs, everything from World Market and Best Buy, to the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago and something in the Navy (as a civilian) that I am sure I was not qualified for.

I finally got a job this week at Williams-Sonoma it's really great, though admittedly I haven't started yet... I really need a full time job though. Best Buy gave me an interview but I am going to Disney World at the end of this week for a week, and they weren't too keen on that.

So for now I am just working at Williams-Sonoma and chillin' at home with my parents, my grandma or anyone I can find. Maybe I'll try and fine a date here in a week or so...

Leave some love and some fun ideas if you want to help me cure the boredom between my W-S shifts... which are far between at times...

:-D Oh btw it's that time of year again so keep a sharp eye for Nogfest!! We've come back and we'll be having it again, probably in Kalamazoo but we'll have to wait and see... Watch this blog for details!!
Bye kris!