Tuesday, March 27, 2007

quiz and random

in lieu of my post from St. Patties which i am still formulating here is a silly quiz i did today:

American Cities That Best Fit You:

70% Chicago
65% New York City
65% Philadelphia
55% San Francisco
45% Los Angeles

I went to Kalamazoo last night and had a great time just hanging out with friends, making fun of each other and just enjoying their company. I love my friends... i miss them a lot... especially the ones who live in Colorado, California, South Carolina, Virginia and even other countries...

i miss my homies.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Kitchen Konstruction, Grad Skool, and Work

So for those of you that don't know my parents are working on the kitchen! It's almost done but it's going to be a few weeks before it's truly complete. They are waiting for some new windows to come in... but here is the look... it's really great! I didn't get over there every day, but I did over a number of visits over the 3 to 4 weeks they were working.

Visit #1
The dividing wall... soon to be history.

The old windows and walls.

The Old windows and the sophet (that thing hanging from the ceiling)

See thats a sophet.
Visit #2

This is when they'd taken the wall down and discovered they couldn't do the arches they'd planned... because there were vents running up and down and they couldn't be rerouted.

And they discovered that the windows were going to be late... Mom was pissed.

The removal of the sophet was supposed to be easy, a wooden frame with drywall on it, but instead it was a huge deal, the strongest sophet known to mankind! It was 2x4's laid down and built up... amazingly strong and it took them all day, but now that it's gone look at the space!

You can really see the improvement without the sophet here; yet... no new windows.

Visit #3

Looking into the new "archway" which is not arched because of lack of space.

The colour is not what she wanted, so we went to Lowe's and changed from 'Sunny Daze' to 'Metro Gold' which is a deeper yellow... it's nice.

It really opens up the kitchen and they did a great job of matching the ceiling so you can't even tell there were holes!!

They had to build a small sophet to hide the vents so they could add the opening in the centre. I think it looks really nice.

Visit #4

This is with the new 'Metro Gold'.

One of the last steps was to put these 'posts' to make it look nicer, I really like it! It's actually just trim added to the walls and painted, but they look really great and add a lot to the 'archway.'

The electrician put up the lights which also look great!

For serious, this is the messiest my parents house has ever been. It's really bad. Here is the view of the 'posts' from inside. Looks great - and a bit better view of the hanging lights.

So anyway, now - as i said previously - we are just waiting for the windows to come in! It's basically done and my mom has resumed her OCD-Like cleaning. I will post some completely finished results when they come in!

On a more personal note... I am still looking at Graduate Schools and I think i've narrowed it down to UWisc - Madison, American University in DC, and Syracuse. They are supposed to be really great schools for media and communication so I am going to look at them and see what I think. I still need to take the GRE but that is planned I just have to sign up now... and finish reading the GRE prep book.

If anyone has any suggestions please post them!! PLEASE! I always appreciate any help for stuff like this. I am a really good standardized test taker, but this is going to be a bit different.

This was my last week in London... I am not really reflecting as much as I remember Kristen doing when she was on SAS, but I really think about it a lot. I dont think it was as regimented as hers was, but just as life altering. I am talking to her occasionally for those of you that knew about our... falling out... if you will. And she's having great fun in thailand and you can visit her blog on my Muses section!

I have been working with MSHP in two capacities, one being a PR Intern in the "Evil" Marketing Dept at MSHP and then I just started doing some Educational Outreaches where I go to schools around the state with a partner (Dave "The Blacksmith" Schmidt in my case) and give lessons on the fur trade and Michigan history! It's great, we dress a couple of the 3rd and 4th graders up, and get them involved. 3rd and 4th Graders are still interested in learning, still ask questions and really want to have fun with school...

I had a kid ask me at the last place, "Why do we fight wars?" I wasn't sure how to answer. I wanted to say, "because we force the will of the Western World onto that of the Eastern..." or, "because it's profitable for corporations and people who can cash in on the reconstruction," or, "because it can be politically or economically beneficial to the country." but I couldn't for a number of reasons, not the least being I didn't want to destroy her little dreams... so I simply responded:
"I don't know; do you have a brother or sister?"
"Yea a brother"
"Do you fight with him?"
Nodding and Giggling
"Well that's just like countries, we try and work it out but sometimes you just get in fights..."

and I gave her sort of a pathetic half smile, because I felt so bad for having to answer that incredibly complicated question... Kids sure can make things seem simple and complicated at the same time...

I am going to Chicago again this weekend for St. Patties, if I can't get to Ireland this time around I may as well go somewhere with a large Irish contingent... I will probably post pictures from that soon enough!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Kalamazoo! Yay!

This is when we made our own Parking spot at Shakespeare's by moving the LC Chariot!
Alissa and Kim almost peed in the car.

So last weekend I went to Kalamazoo. Alissa and Kim met up with Andy and I and we had a great weekend! It was fab. I got a ride down there with Mark, Eric and Ray... I miss hanging out with those guys. Lansing can be exciting but Kalamazoo is just so much more fun.

E. Lansing has a few OK bars, but Kzoo has like a dozen great ones (and some OK ones too)!!

So anyway, we got there and got to stay at Fiona's house... too bad Fiona had to work :( She was there in the evenings before she left for work but then she had to run out. So Alissa, Kim and I spent Friday with Megan and her friends at Shakespeare's! I'd never been there but I can see why people like/dislike it. It does feel a bit yuppie, but it's not a club so its a nice place to hang out... There's not a lot of loud music and there's a LOT of beers on tap. Sounds good to me!

Andy, Alissa and Emo Me

We had a really good time at Shakespeare's but eventually moved on to somewhere else... we didn't want to go out to Bells so we ended up heading back to Fiona's place for beverages and general silliness It was pretty great!

They couldn't decide if this was a Hi-60 or Hi-30... but either way it's a combination of Hi-5's

Yea. By this point we were a little bit... yea we were drunk.

A great picture of Jessica and Andy.

Oh Mark...

So after passing out sometime friday night around 430am and getting up the next morning around 1030 we headed to Maggie's for Breakfast Stew and Coffee and then to Sprau tower for a tour of campus from the air! It was pretty cool... I've never been up to 10th Sprau before so it was new to me too!

After Jessica and I showed Kim and Alissa around campus we went over to Meijer for Kim's first Meijer experience. She liked it, and I think her favorite part was the World Aisle! It was so sweet, she loved the British section...

After Meijer, we went over by Whitehall to go sledding!! Everyone said it was too wet and or cold... but we really had a lot of fun! (seriously tho it was wet and cold... and we only went down like 5 times

Me as King of the Mountain! Not even the semi-powerful Aleeesurr can conquer me!

Tho she did well on the dual sledding adventure...
Poor Kim was too cold to join the Dual Sledding Club

Once sledding was over we headed back to Fiona's for some lazy time. We sat around and chatted... and sat... and dried off... for quite a while actually. We just hung out until Andy and the gang were done gaming so we could get some yummy dinner at this British Pub that'd we'd heard so much about...
Jessica, Andy, Kim, Alissa and I headed to Plainwell to this British Pub-like place! It was really great and my friend Amie worked there - so weird as she's the only person I know in Plainwell. I really missed the Brits on Saturday. I miss them still to this day... it was such a different life over there that I can't help but miss it. And before people like a certain best friend who is now a Texas ex-pat comments that there is a lot to see in the US I think pretty much anyone knows that the USA has some AMAZING things, but one country is never a substitute for another.

After the Pint of Fullers ESB and the excellent Guinness I tucked into my fish and chips, which was excellent... but not as good as the Brits... The bar looked amazing! It was too bright and the walls were definitely sponge painted, which is not good... but other than that it was very accurate!

These are the pictures from the: Put-a-spoon-on-your-nose-to-show-off competition.

We were going to try and compete...

We succeeded... sort of...
What a cool bottle! And tasty!!

After we ate and ate we headed back to Fiona's again...
The champagne. The Toast. The Yum.

Ahh! I'm being Attacked!!

This time when we went back to Fiona's it was for something else...

Drunken Twister!!
But before we get into the Drunken Twister we played Cranium and were going to play Pretty, Pretty Princess! After over and hour of that we moved onto DRUNKEN TWISTER!! We even made a new rule after a while... when the dial landed on Right Hand you have to drink... and you have to hold the drink in your right hand! So it made twister a lot more interesting!

Yea. So after a long while of that... it was time for sleeping. We were not really drunk, just ... happy... and decided it was not really a good idea to play with Wine and in the future we'd do it with beer. Next time.

I am not even going to get into what happened with the Pretty, Pretty Princess game...

Sunday was pretty lazy. We got out of bed around 1... yes... 1pm... yikes. Yea... and we went to Theo & Stacy's for breakfast and then headed down to the Mall and Best Buy to just wander around. It was funny because we had planned on dinner at around 5 but we'd finished Breakfast at like 130... yea. Sad.

Anyway, we didn't do much, we wandered Alissa and I went to the University Bookstore and walked around campus a bit to look for apparel for her sister Anna (who might come to WMU). We met up with Kim, Andy and the group and headed over to the OP (Olde Penninsula) yum!

Arrrgh!! A pirate or

We had some really good food and then went back to Fiona's again and just hung out. I really miss college with these people... (minus Alissa and Kim of course) but it was altogether too much fun...

I hope that Graduate School will be full of people I can get along with too... just in case no one knew. Graduate School is on the horizon... I am shopping for a school and starting to study for the GRE and everything! I know Undergrad is different than Grad School for sure! Its very different, but the people that you are in school with really make the school worth attending... the learning makes it worth it later, but the people really can make a hellish curriculum feel like a great trip to the coffee house.

I hope people in the future will be as good as the ones in the past...

Yum! Fiona's Biohazard Cookies! Yum! Thanks Alissa!