Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Island Life from May 2007

Over the past few weeks I've been re-adjusting to my other home on Mackinac Island we've spent a lot of time working for MSHP... but then there is also some other things... Wow, I've been on the island for over a month without any posts whatsoever!!

unfortunately i can't type much because the internet is being a shit...

but trust me there's a lot going on and as soon as i can i will post legions of pictures!
Hey the internet is working again! So the month started with me back in Okemos still with the Gma. I am missing her, and she is missing me. I really am happy that I got a chance to hang out with my family and my grandma all winter, I haven't been able to see them like that since I left high school.

I really am not as excited about being here this year... it's a bit sad really... most of the people I started with are gone, and now I am getting very apathetic about some things. Not that I don't love being here about 85% of the time! It's just this year is very different thats all.

The month of May flew by... we spent some time at the bars but as it was unseasonably warm we also spent a lot of time on the porch or playing frisbee on the lawn. We met some new girls from Horns who came up to the fort and we then saw later at the bar, they even came over for my birthday! I think most of this post will be pictures now and that way I can feel like typing about what happened rather than trying to recall every single night... as some of them the alcohol makes recollection rather difficult... Enjoy!

Highlights of events in May & Early June were:

  • Opening Day!
  • My 25th Birthday
Amber, Melissa and Allie from Horns/Yankee Rebel

Andrea, Ryan and Geoff at my birthday. After this Geoff proceeded to get a bit wasted. T'was amazing... picture later.

Ah the old guard returns.

And more of the old guard. The ones with the titles pictured here: The Aristocrat and the Bev... the former has made many a comment on the crudeness of the latter. How marvelous.

There's the drunk Geoff we've been waiting for all these years...

Towers and I on my birthday! Yay!

Ahh what an amazing photo!

Me, Heather, and Towers. We were drunk. Quite.

Lee being hugged like crazy by Hesse.
This reminds me of a quote...
Turkish: Well the big rabbit gets fucked.
Tommy: Proper fucked?
Turkish: Yeah, Tommy. Before "Zee Germans" get there.

Cool picture of 4 of us... late... we're drunk. Ok I am drunk.

  • The Shaving Of the Face
eep! my face is drunk. i mean shaven.
  • Wonderful Overnights with Fort A-Beer
  • Alissa's Visit
Alissa visited!
  • Decoration (Memorial) Day
Lily and Maria on Decoration Day (Memorial Day)

Look how nice we look walking in the sunshine to the cemetary...
  • Fun in Traverse City & Hofbrau
Evan and Heather just happened to be in Traverse City the other day and guess who i met! My brother and his girlfriend! We went to her dad's restaurant and ate a lot... for FREE! Amazing. I had ribs and a fried pickle and a couple of beers including a hoegaarden (omg) so good.
  • iPod breaking (grr!)
  • Writing of: the Current - the employee newsletter
Lots of work... eep!
  • Missing the ex-employees
  • First Ft. Holmes Night

Nice stars from Ft Holmes...
  • Seeing Pirates with Sandy and Jenny!
  • Arrival of the n00bs
Jared, Claire (Craftie) and Leanne walk with me to get fried pickles and realize that they were missing out for
the last 20 years of their awesome.

  • Being on 9&10 News Live!
It was early, we had to be up and i wasn't even nervous till when i messed up on the fife i said to Robin the newswoman, "Man it's a good thing that I messed up now... without 400 people in front of us..." and she said, "No... it's more like 100,000..." and that was quite... eeek!
  • Porch Nights

A nice shot of the rocks at British Landing...

So it rained the other day... and i was feeling frisky so i slid on the lawn, taught the n00bie Jared about sliding and then proceeded to have a nice beer on the lawn with my freezer caddies from the Beer Store in Sault Ste. Marie! w00t!

A pretty rainbow over Round Island ... there were actually two but one had gone away by this point.

I love porch nights... Jessica, Andrea, and C-Squared (Crafty Claire)

Two n00bies Janna and Claire (both GSRs)

another craftie name Leanne she's got compost worms in her room. she's pretty cool :)

More of the old guard... Yay brent for coming back!

Maria is trying to push Craig off the porch... how symbolic...
  • Bar Nights
Me and Darren (works for the Grand) at Seabiscuit! We're both pretty wasted. His fault. I bought the first round of scotch and coke and alissa bought the second... darren bought the third. eep!
  • Decorating Bever's room for his arrival
  • Wussy Ninja & Wussy Ninja 2

  • New Kool-Aid Club (replacement of previous female club with an all male crew)
  • Myron and Cathy's Wedding! (aww!)
Maria and Amy at the Mission Church

Cathy and Myron walking back down the isle as Mr and Mrs Johnson!
  • Dennis' Retirement Party
Dennis! He's so crazy...

Joe and I holding the microwave... yikes. Craig looks on. That microwave has held many of us at bay while trying to just make damn ramen.

Those farbs.

Curiouser and curiouser. What a neat bass that was homemade by dennis in a week.
  • First Pub Runner's Weekend!
Joe, Ashlee (exhibit cleaner) and Jared with Leanne and Jessica in the background at the first Pub Runners night.

We're so confused!

Our Lager which art in barrels, hallowed be thy drink... thy will be drunk I will be drunk, at home as I am in the tavern... the beer prayer the first night of the Pub Runners.

Heather and Dave being silly.

Look, it's Brent playing his djimbe for the Pub Runners!

Night number 2 of the pub runners... jeremy was all excited then he changed his mind... we decided he couldnt have made that decision... we decided he was going to come anyway, and then carried him all the way from Mission House to sinclairs.

More carrying...

Kim and I at the Bar on PR2!

Jeremy and I being Emo and sad because he already was... I was just trying to cheer him up... unfortunately it created more drama than I would have guessed.

And finally the crew from the 2nd Pub Runners night... it was pretty amazing...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Birthday Gifts!

Look what I frickin' got for my birthday!

Thats right Steph, all 9 Seasons. Jealous? Maybe you own all of them already... but now I have them too... so I am happy...

and Evan got me these also: Brew Master & Wine/Spirits Master via if you don't w00t; you should.

This stuff is brilliant. Wow.

Back to packing for up north!