Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Last 5 Days

It's almost Canada Day! Yay! Paul is coming this weekend, I'm sitting on the porch of the Mission House typing this blog entry...

Yesterday I sent a mass text message that said, "Sitting and drinking a Guinness on a golden sunny day in Mackinac... where are you?" and got some interesting responses which I thought I would share with you (I've eliminated the names in favour of initials just for security)

  • T.N.(Texas) - 'About 2 eat dinner and it's raining outside'
  • J.E. (Chicago) - 'At mongolian barbq in naperville at a conference on science teaching'
  • M.M. (Chicago) - 'Soon to be drinking at a show in chicago my month vacation begins friday'
  • M.G. (Kzoo) - 'I'm in the bathroom taking a shit.'
  • T.P. (Grand Rapids) - 'San Fransisco one more before b4 heading home'
  • R.A. (Cheboygan) - 'Putting up fence at pier 33 for wanigan festival. you should come over. good beer good music good times fri and sat.'
  • A.P. (Los Angeles) - 'Getting out of work'
  • C.B. (Grand Rapids) - 'That sounds delightful, i'm rehearsing a play i'm in this summer'
  • L.C. (Wyoming) - 'working out on a hot sunny day in wyoming'
  • S.R. (Lansing) - 'Sitting in my basement studying for the CPA Exam. I'd rather be up where you are.'
  • D.N. (E. Lansing) - 'Watching a glorious sunset off the west coast of Florida. Lamenting the loss of my once glorious beard...'
  • A.D. (Columbus) - 'In Boston!'
  • L.M. (Seattle) - 'Oh Man! Wish I were there now! I'm being held captive in grey seattle.'
I think some of these were pretty good. It's nice to have so many friends with so many different things going on a random Wednesday at 230pm EST.

Anyway, lets see what have I been doing, the weeks really fly and crawl by at the same time up here. I feel like we have been doing so much but that the days just fly by... time is so strange - and relative... we've had a number of porch nights and some really great things have come up in conversation, but anyway.

Lets see, so last weekend was the second pub runners weekend and that Friday at the fort I got propositioned for a date! I was standing playing music at the end of the parade ground with Brent and I felt someone sort of rub my shoulder - thinking it was someone i knew i turned and was shocked to discover it was one of the very pretty girls watching the last demo! "Are you holding down the fort all night?" "Well, not all night," I replied, "What are you doing later?"

And with that I had myself a date... I went to the pub runners and she called me and we met up at Marquette Park. We officially introduced ourselves and walked down to the school to swing on the swings, after some swinging we decided that swings actually make us really nauseous! We headed up to the Grand and sat by the fountain and then cutting across the golf course and up to the fort we saw Sandy and Geoff on the Upper Gun Platform and after some awkward moments with Sandy giving me the evil eye we headed back to the Mission House to play Wii and drink a few beers. I walked her back to Haan's at 5am and overall it was an excellent night...

Saturday night was a trip to the Grand with all the n00bs! It was a great trip the first of the year and probably the best we've had in a while, there were so many people and we had such a good time, we took up like 10 tables and really had a fantastic time. Jared (not a great dancer - but so entertaining for both himself and others) bragged about dancing with everyone except Katie Cederholm, quite the full dance card... Great night all around and afterward? The Pub Runners of course, amazing.

Upon arrival at the Pub Runners Geoff and Bever were WASTED and hilarious. Note the pictures. I think the Geoff quote of that night: "Sandy, your breasts may be for you but my testicles are for everyone to share!" Fabulous.

The following Monday, Tessa and the Civil Engineers from GR were going to be up here! The was peppered with different things and I met up with them for lunch. They were on their way to the Sault for a meeting with a colleague, I was to join them for drinks after work, so I ran down to Horn's and drank a few beers with them till around 7 when they were to fly up. I decided to join them even though I had to work the next morning, Weird Al was playing up there, but I found out after I left he started at 7... sad day.

Jared, Amy, Janna, Jenny (Amy's Sister), Jessica and a couple of Jared's friends were going to meet there too for the night so I figured I'd either spend time with both groups or try and merge the two, I was moderately successful as after a nice dinner at Antlers - a very eccentric restaurant full of hunting trophies of all shapes and sizes, poutine and home of one of the largest burgers i've ever seen - we headed over to Jared's house (he has a place there).

Jenny was very cute and very nice - a lot like Amy also which just made everything better - and we chatted a bit though I was not really wanting to ... you know... try anything so I was holding back any sort of flirting that naturally floated to the surface and replacing it with whatever I could mentally find in quick succession. It was quite the challenge. Jenny, Amy and I went to O'Malley's and met up with Todd, Pete, Jim and Nate (who was VERY drunk) and had a Jessica Special (Tip: don't have the Jessica Special - tastes like bubble gum medicine mixed with cough syrup) and played pool and hung out till about 1am. We had some other drinks played some music and Amy beat me twice which was funny and Jenny and Todd were 1 & 1 so we had to wait while they played a third - which Jenny won as I recall putting Todd and his 'Old balls' in his place.

Then we headed back to Jared's and drank and hung out there at their lovely house nestled between a KFC and a Little Cesears - literally right there the red lights from the KFC were shining into the living room quite brightly. After a couple of hours we started to crash and the next morning at 630 I was awake... so was Janna so we hung out in the living room and chatted till everyone else got up by about 8 or 9... I left and headed back to work and made it no problem! It was a great night...

Tuesday was Ryan Hesse's birthday, (always an event) and the night was filled with reverie and excitement. We did some Ken-do and Jenny owned Ryan (but I think he might have been holding back) and Jared and I attempted to sword him while he had the long pole... We were up long into the night boozing, listening to music and laughing. Some went to bed others stayed up, but overall it was quite nice...

Wednesday was Maria's birthday, finally 21. We've been hearing about it since the end of the previous season and the daily countdown was funny but now she's made it. They wanted a pub crawl and I had the day off so I got up andafter cleaning and laundry headed downtown with Claire and Leanne for Jesse's before going to the fort to get some PR stuff done. I tallied my volunteer time and I've got over 70 hours already... yikes! After that I headed down to the house and folded the laundry and headed for the boat to meet Jenny W. at Leggs Inn in Cross Village. Unfortunately, I was a bit early so I went to the new Irish Pub in Mack City and had a slow Guinness while listening to Jack Johnson.

Aside: I've decided that I really like JJ he's amazing. He's a musician that I would aspire to be, honest, true and full of his own emotional strength. I really like his laid-back style and exciting but not to over-zealous rhythms and chords. Pretty amazing... dive back into the story pool!

After my Guinness I made my way to the Leggs Inn and arriving about 420 beat Jenny there by a good 30 minutes. It was fantastic to just sit in the quiet patchy sun and shade and look out at Lake Michigan. I loved it. I really wished I could just sit there most every day... Jenny arrived and we chatted about MSHP and gossip, but also about old friends, horses, movies and other topics, overall I really appreciate Jenny. Whether she reads this or not I don't care, but Jenny thank you. I really liked being able to escape with you even just for a few hours. Sincerely it was wonderful to not have to meet people or deal with emotional strain or stress from the island, worry about who was doing who or what was causing what... exhilaratingly free.

The polish cuisine was of course excellent, I had pirogies and a polkasa kielbasa with some potato things and a polish beer that was fab called Z-something... anyway it was great. Post-polish-polish-off we took the quick jaunt over to Jenny's very cute little cabin, I met her horse Kobe and for the first time I petted a horse and really got to look at one. It was cool... i know what you're thinking you're on Mackinac Island and you've... yea well before you get to excited the horses here are all work horses and you can't touch them, plus they're all covered in tack and whatnot so you can't really see them naturally... it was neat... shuddup.

After that I drove like a bat out of hell to Cheboygan to go to Glens and then to the boat dock only to get 1 minute before the boat left and I had to leave my car there... oh well...

Once back on the island I dropped off my groceries and headed downtown to meet up with Kim and Maria. They'd already been to the Round Island, Euro on the Green, Gatehouse, and I got to them at Goodfellas. We headed over to Mary's Bistro and I bought us Rotten Peach shots and decided to join them for the remainder of the birthday celebration. Next was Yankee Rebel (PBJ Shot) Mustang for Mickey Mantels and then Seabiscuit (Jager and something that looked like Honey for me - Maria got some drink). We needed to eat so we went to Sinclairs (karaoke night) so I got a beer and some potato skins - half price w00t! - and then met the others and Horn's (which i sat out but saw Amber and the girls there and said hello). The girls had Absolute Melon or Mandarin or something and Grenadine. Yikes! Strong. Kim and Maria were both very drunk... next was Pink Pony and they were done! They'd had twelve bars with one extra (Mustang) and they'd made it through! Myk Rice played happy birthday to maria and after a few drinks and four shots (one for each including the blacksmith who was still with us) and it was 1am and time to walk them home. Kim needed to go up to the Barracks so we headed up there but then hoofed it back to the house to find Maria had thrown up 3 times on the lawn, porch and all over Dave's bathroom floor.

So it seems like forever ago that the Pub Runners were here, but really it's only been 5 days... wow... crazy...

Anyway, so you can see how time is relative... it's interesting... so busy but so... not... at the same time.