Tuesday, July 31, 2007

so i just finished the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book like 7 minutes ago.

and i just want to point out to all of you that never read Harry Potter but want to: It's always worth it no matter what vis-a-vis go for it.

and to those of you who don't understand, delight in trying to ruin the endings and mysteries of the novel: the 7th book can't be dechiphered by reading the last page, chapter or even the last 3 chapters. J.K. Rowling (as I knew she could - indeed would) has crafted a last page that spans 753 pages and is so well interwoven that while you may know if Harry lives or dies, or who wins what you will never understand the story and therefore your 80 pages will never compare to the 8000 hours of jubilation that these books have brought to countless fans and followers.

I think these books are amazing, I haven't digested the ending completely and in fact will be re-reading the 7th again in the coming weeks to look for more pieces but I assure those of you who want to read but haven't it's always worth it.

The end was inspired... even in it's combined horror and elation...

"You don't read a book for the end, but for the story." - Me.