Saturday, August 04, 2007

July 2007 was Hectic...

So July was a roller coaster of fun and depression for me. The 4th was good but the middle of the month was horrible... not horrible for any particular reason other than my job used to be a place where we could play and share with the visitors, have a good time ourselves whilst showing our guests something they'd not seen... but this year it's just not the case anymore...

Anyway, we'll start at the beginning... Canada Day! Which this year was quite the event, we had the annual singing of Oh Canada (posted on YouTube) which was one of the highlights, there was Canadian beer, music and even some authentic Canadians as usual, but the night wore long and we started drinking early. Evan and Heather had come up to visit; and it was nice to see them around the island and hanging out with them was a good time. It was probably the craZiest Canada day I can recall. Jared was Fwasted and so were longs of others - especially due to the beer pong table that had been set up on the porch under the Staff Quarters sign... we were having such fun that we even gathered some visitors to the island staying at Mission Point - who we later discovered to be coming for a family reunion being held at none-other than Fort Mackinac. Wow... Anyway it was a great night all around!

Next, the 4th was pretty great! Not as great as years past, especially without Dennis, but Leanne was great on the fiddle, we made due and we had a good time playing music as the weather turned grey and shady... it was nearly raining and the clouds were rolling in but we kept going. I talked to some really nice people and ended up staying in the fort for the "fireworks" which were awful! The fireworks were shot off right into the low clouds hanging all over the island... it was a colourful cloud display and that was it... horrid! Yet it was still fun because of the company I was keeping. I like the staff this year, they're a great time, if young... I do feel older this year... i don't really know how to explain it because i dont feel old just this nagging feeling that i should be doing something more constructive with my time... so I am looking at Wisc. Madison for Grad School in media studies - due to apply at the end of august so that should be good! I'll be doing something constructive with my time at least... that is working toward the application and whatnot... i really would love to get in and learn and get a masters degree! OH MAN... for sure.

In mid-July we had the Frying Party and made all sorts of stuff, we of course were having porch nights and Pub Runners nights as well... special events, night events, Current writing and all sorts of other activities, but the Frying Party was pretty amazing... My Mom came to visit in June and brought with her the deep fryer that they were using at home for a while and it was awesome, we had a party on the front porch and played with the deep fryer. We fried pickles, a couple different types of chicken, french fries and even... Snickers bars, milky way bars and twix... the snickers were by far the best, but all around it was amazzzzzing. Kelli was even here for that which was great! She visited a second time unexpectedly!

The frying party culminated in a trip to the Grand that was decided on about 10pm and it was amazing, there was a girl named Ebony visiting from St. Louis or something and she was a superb singer. The GH Band got her up on stage and we kept asking for encores because she was so good. Then we went up to the cupola and hung out there for a while and she sang there too... overall a great night.

As July wore on we had Troop111 come up, this definitely makes me feel my age... because I was scout here in the late-90s which isn't that long ago but it sure does seem like it to a lot of the kids i work with/talk to... The scouts in the troop are all so young and I really don't even know the leadership anymore, Dirk the main scoutmaster only knows me because he was part of the overlap with the leadership I did know... he was never even a scoutmaster of mine and yet he still treats me so great... I really respect him for that. I love the Boy Scouting program and I sincerely hope that someday I will be able to get my own children into it someday... even if I had a girl, I'd start an explorer post for her and anyone else who wants to join just so they can have some of the same amazing opportunities that i've had. Troop 111 did it's annual mystery trip - a boat cruise under the bridge this year - and we were invited. They even had dinner this time! It was sandwiches and chips but still... it was nice of them to invite us.

Ben Bever turned 27 this July. Still not as old as Brent (who was already 27) but he acts older than my Dad (who happens to be turning 62 this year). His birthday was fairly low key... we threw him a surprise party that he almost skipped out on to go down to the bar! We grilled out and had cake, it was great all around and he disappeared downtown and we all got drunk on the porch... again. Maria turned 21 this June which was a much more interesting birthday, but I guess when you turn 27 you start to lose the luster that your birthday had when you were 11 or 21...

Throughout July we'd been building up to the Mackinac Associates CO's Ball (ACO's Ball) which was a pretty damn big event. We were bringing in Karl (from the mainland) and Dennis was coming out of retirement to play fiddle for the event! Leanne, Brent and I were playing too so I was a professional musician for the night with a gig and everything... Which is weird to think about. If I could play music for a living it would be amazing, but I really can't see it being a viable career, praise to those of us that do, but still... wow hard life of doing what you want to do for a career at home while you use your career to bide your time till you become one of the less than 1% that become something... crazy... The ACO's ball was really quite fun, we played music all night and the park used my Photo printer (which was just something else I had to deal with especially with Pat - my PR Intern boss quiting - I had to deal with the Mackinac Channel information posting, Greg asked me to manage consistency of language for the website, writing, managing, and distributing the current and dealing with practices for the CO's Ball, work itself, Jazz and Wine night, Square Dancing, and Thursday nights at the Mustang playing music and singing with Phil and others plus all the other special events... I was pretty swamped)

The ACO's Ball was very different from the Staff Ball, much more of an event. I mean we even had a stage! Dave had made hooks for candle lanterns they'd decorated the Barracks with Holiday Lights and had plans to hang lit balls from the trees on the other side, there was a buffet and a lot of the people were dressed up, most notably Mr. Olson who was Alexis St Martin complete with a bloody hole and meat to be inserted into it! After the ball (for which we'd had a set list and multiple practice sessions - one of which Brent recorded and was going to make a CD out of - OMG I'LL BE ON A CD! FUCKIN' CRAZY!) Katie C and I went down to The Pony and I finally got my chance to talk to Billie Pellerito face to face and one on one. I asked her for her number she gave it and we began texting back and forth often. I was pretty damn excited I don't have to tell you twice... she always seemed cool to me and she is.

The Never Sweats played again this year and we weren't allowed to dress up, but I still went and had a great time! They won too! 4 to 3 over the Rochester Grangers! Huzzah for Mackinac!

On the 21st of July it was Harry Potter Day! There was a lot leading up to this, everyone was trying like mad to re-read the books - we even made a trip to go see the 5th movie on the mainland (which was only OK). I dressed up for the party and got there around 10 to listen to the 6th book while I waited with some other Pott-heads till the release at 12. I was #1 on the list so I was (for the second time) the very first person to get a Harry Potter Book in a release on Mackinac Island. There was cake, punch, give-aways and of course people dressed up in all manner of costumes! Shannon was Prof. Trelawny, Lily was Hermione, Katie C was Sad Tonks from book 6, and I was Sirius Black. Brett's sister was a Quidditch player and there were many nondescript witches and wizards around. Billie came with Susanna and they dressed up but as there were over a hundred people there she stripped back to normal clothes because it was SO HOT. I had many compliments on my costume... It was pretty cool. I stopped shaving for the week and even stopped washing my hair so i'd look more disheveled.

After that i spent the following week and a half reading the book and finally finished it on July 31... a full 10 days after it came out... I was so happy that i'd made it take that long and no one ruined it for me! But you saw that in the last post if you're reading this one...

Near the end of July was the 50th Anniversary of the Mackinac Bridge! Yay! My Mom, Gma, and Tom and Candace came to visit as well and they brought cookies and 4 boxes of Cinnamon Life... they know what I like! There were fireworks for the bridge's birthday and they were way better than the 4th because at least they were visible! Overall my fam's visit was good even tho I did miss the CO's ball... which looked like it would have been really fun... that's two in a row so I guess i fail.

Well July was busy, and August seems like it's going to be busy too, in my last two days off I've still been working, the 50th Anniversary being last weekend I marched in TWO parades and Jeff drove us in between. I was the only American (prussian style) soldier in a group of Red-Coats so I'm sure we looked quite a sight, but whatever! We ended up getting stuck behind the convertibles during our bridge crossing and it was so hot we opened both sliding doors on the van with all our historic gear on... we ended up having a conversation with the guy in the next car over for a majority of the bridge crossing which was pretty hilarious, a bunch of red-coats in a mini-van on the worlds 6th longest suspension bridge on it's 50th birthday following a bunch of convertibles talking with a guy who was delivering a car from Pennsylvania to Michigan. crazy story all around...

Whew... this day off I've spent mostly getting the Current around, distributing it on the mainland and island sites and printing and copying it mostly. Steph is here from VA which is great and I even had Jesse's for breakfast, but she's already sold her house and will only be here next season before moving out forever... Things on Mackinac change and stay the same... it's been quite a year. I've been in the town crier at least every other issue this year, and if I was an island resident i'd wonder who the fuck this Trace Dominguez kid is and what the fuck he's doing in our paper all the damn time. And for some reason I'm a very swearing oriented islander... oh well... more later... enjoy the pictures!