Saturday, September 15, 2007

A quiz for no reason

Your Seduction Style: Sweet Talker

Your seduction technique can be summed up in one word: "charm."
You know that if you have the chance to talk to someone... Well, you won't be talking for long!

You're great at telling potential lovers what they want to hear.

Partially, because you're a great reflective listener and good at complementing.
The other part of your formula? Focusing your conversation completely on the other person.

Your "sweet talking" ways have taken you far in romance - and in life.
You can finess your way through any difficult situation, with a smile on your face.
Speeding tickets, job interviews... bring it on! You truly live a *charmed life*

<<<<>>>> Not bad! I guess I am defiantly a good talker <<<<>>>>


Your Kissing Grade: A-

You are truly an amazing kisser. Your kisses are extraordinarily mind blowing.

Whether you're naturally a good kisser or not, you've taken the time learn how to be the best kisser possible.

Anyone would be lucky to get a kiss from you!

<<<<>>>> I dont know about this, but I rate pretty good! <<<<>>>>


Your Movie Buff Quotient: 70%

You are a total movie buff. Classics, blockbusters, indie favorites... you've seen most of them.

Your friends know to come to you whenever they need a few good DVD rental suggestions.

<<<<>>>> Yea duh. I think we all expected this one <<<<>>>>

well enough time on the internet I am going to go sit on the porch and read my new book!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Dullery and Debochery?

So post-season is pretty boring. I always get a bit down in the first week, everyone leaving and all that, but now that we're in full swing I'm making plans and enjoying myself.

Jared came back for a weekend recently, that was great... I miss that kid and his clich├ęs.

Ken Chambers came for a visit as well... that was good we had actual days off then! Also, Rhonda visited over the weekend and we all went out and had drinks and ice cream and then more drinks. A good night overall and I didn't get in till quite late, but it was excellent. Great fun!

Last monday was the first Monday Night Football cookout and the Johnsons and Greg came down for it. Hesse bought some food and we all tried to contribute something, unfortunately I don't have a lot of variety so I made a chocolate cake but then we already had 4 desserts. Bruce stopped by and we chatted for a while.
Brent No Like Phone!

Hanging out on the porch talking football and U.P. stuff.

Greg Hokans, a Packers fan through and through, and a yooper... ask him about Toivol and Ano

Ah nothing like a good cigar while relaxing on the porch

Ken decides to go for two at a time. Yea Ken! Let's go for heart attack number 5!

Ryan cooking away on the grill with the shadily procured Star Line cart being used as a prep table.

Yes, Brent really ate all of that, and it wasn't even his first plateful

Tuesday my parents came to visit as it was my day off. We didn't really do to much, but I really miss them, the more time i spend with them the more i realize they're not getting any younger and that i should cherish every moment with them. I love them so much and they have and still do so much for me... I really... i dunno my emotions are going to get the better of me... moving on. We drove to Petoskey and played around in the bike shop and then down into the downtown area to shop and wander together. It was rainy and then HAILING but we had fun just wandering, Mom looking at the kitchy and knick-knacky shops while Dad and I chatted. There was a woman in one of the shops who - after I left - stopped my Mom and said, "He is adorable! Is he your son?" she said yes and that I lived in the area to which the woman replied, "Oh well he looks like someone who needs an intelligent girl..." she stopped to ponder that for a moment and continued, "I don't really know any girls who can think." My mom chuckled heartily as she related this to my Dad and I moments later... interesting i thought.

I Simpsonized myself. I was bored.
It's post-season dammit!
I think it came out quite accurately

After a beer and some potato skins at Mitchell St. Pub we got back in my dad's 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid - a very cool car btw, great pickup and handling and an avg gas mileage of 32 mpg on that trip - and headed up the back roads back toward Mack City. We went to Nona Lisas for dinner an hour later - none of us hungry mind you until we walked into the restaurant and smelled the AWESOME pizza. We got a single pizza for the three of us (Roasted Garlic, Mushrooms, Pepperoni, Pineapple & Pepperocinis) and ate it so quickly we debated getting another, but instead we got Tiramisu and split it (yum!). Then they dropped me off at the boat and started home... i missed them the moment they left...

Yesterday (Wednesday) for some reason we all decided to go to the Seabiscuit for a night out. I had just been there with Rhonda but I had recommended it to some folks at the fort:

** and now an aside for this interesting conversation **
Man: "Hello, I have a question." - a very inquisitive look on his face
Me: "Well, sir, I'll do my best!"
Man: "Are you Trace Dominguez?"
Me: a little nervous now, "Yes..."
Man: "The guy down at the booth said you were the one to talk to about getting a good beer..."
I immediately relaxed and had a good 10-15 minute conversation with this man and his female partner on beer and how great it is and how we're beer snobs and places to get good beer in Michigan and their last beer-stop etc... it was great fun!
Anyway the night went well Tom, Hesse, Leanne and I went out to the Seabiscuit and proceeded to drink and eat and be merry till very late at night... We had two car bombs and a beer topped of with my carrot cake and Hesse's mussels (which were quite good) and then headed home to lay on the grass quite tipsy around a blasphemous 1030 or so... I was in bed by 1130! Crazy.

Tonight we had a spontaneous movie marathon, Brent was watching Xmen 3 (a thoroughly crappy piece of shit) on TV which I followed with Major League and then Stranger than Fiction, it was an enjoyable evening for me and I even managed to only consume 3 beers all night! Oh well... now it's time for bed I think... post-season has it's ups and downs, but this week has been pretty good...

I found online an interesting gallery of art, I saved this one as one of my favourites
but I don't want people to steal it without knowing where it came from so be sure and check out: Creative Imagrry by Eric M Gustafson
It's very cool stuff.

OH and in the process of writing this I did the final submission of my Graduate School App... I'm so fucking freaked out about it... I really don't want to be rejected... Omg... And also I sent out for a Graduate Prospectus for my Dream school... but I won't get in, but I thought I'd read about it... London School of Economics and Political Science... that would be amazing... I looked at their program today... rigorous but amazing...

Two of the people I miss the most from London and Europe... I procured this little tidbit from Amanda's Blog,
you'll find it on my sidebar there in Muses... If you read this Amanda and Ross - I heart you!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Trace Dominguez and the Leaving Fellows

August... the month named for Emperor Augustus... he just sort of stuck it in there after July named for Julius, and before September, the 7th month. And yet for some reason we cling to it... the month of heat, the month of Blake, the month of the return of Todd the month of Fun and yet at the same time the month of the leaving. By the end of August most of the people who I grew to love here on the island will be gone and we'll be into September and then October (the 8th month - Oct get it?). So lets get to it!

August is great! Started out fantastic and stayed pretty well up most of the time, there were the occasional tiffs at work but most everyone got along for the most part which is fantastic! Just after the last post on here the Pub Runners were back and this was the weekend when Hot Carl would be gracing us with their somewhat lovely and somewhat horrible presence... which is why they are amazing.

The Amazing-ness of the Hot Carl posters around town.

Hot Carl and the Cleavland Steamers. Louie as frontman! They kept turning down his mic.

The Porter's and Pellerito's danced up a storm. I joined up as well, what fun... I love dancing with people who I know. I feel so damn comfortable on this island, it's kind of scary sometimes, because I know I dont really want to stay here forever, but I can't imagine it not being part of my life. I feel so at home here with all these people and all their families. Everywhere I look I see familiar faces, i dunno... maybe i'll build this kind of feeling somewhere new soon, but it's been so long...The pub runners were a great show as always and Joe and I got up on stage and played the Bodrahn for a few songs and even some Irish whistle! Great times as always...

Billie. Sad and drunk at the bar.

Jerry, Me, Doug and Joe!

In the next week or so I was so busy with work and the Current that I was not doing much, but we knew that people were getting ready to leave... the second week of August was a great meteor shower, and really the first one I have ever seen. Meteor showers remind me off that horror movie I saw when I was a kid... about this shower that caused everyone to go blind, and then these plants from Venus came down during the shower and they could move around and hear things, and since everyone was blind they knew where they were and they killed and ate them!! I never got to sleep that night and vowed to my 9 year old self to never watch meteor showers... ... i guess I finally got over it... Anyway, I couldn't get any pictures of that because it was dark. So... sorry.

Brynne visited in August too! And so did Todd and some of his co-conspirators! Brynne's visit was fun, tho we didn't do too much, it was a bit strange walking down to meet her at the park not knowing her that well, but we got along quite well! We hiked around and even went up to the Grand to sit in the Cupola bar for a bit, got some lunch downtown and even headed over to Arch Rock before her parents called her to escape the island. A brief but entertaining visit to be sure. Todd visited for the day and came up to the Fort before heading into town for some drinking... after work I went home and grabbed Amy who wanted to get out as well - and as she'd met Todd in the Sault Ste. Marie trip in June - she would have some history!

** BTW I forgot to mention that I went to Sault Ste. Marie for a night... literally... with Jessica, Janna, Jared, Jenny and Amy... TJJJJA... or AJJJJT or TAJJJJ ... something... Anyway, however you arrange it it was a fun trip, we had dinner at Antlers and then went to buy some alcohol and hang out at Jared's house which wasa locate between KFC and BK or something... yea their house borders parking lots on either side. Crazy. Also Todd and Tessa had gone to the Sault too and we met up for a few hours and played pool with Jenny and Amy, good times were had and we did some good drinking before heading back to Jared's House for some more and then I woke up at 6am to see Janna staring at the wall with an Angry look on her face... which was pretty damn funny. I drove back around 7 and got to work on time... a great night all around... ***

Back to Todd in August now, Amy and I met them at Goodfellas and we had drinks for a while chatting and laughing with some co-workers of Todd's. They were a cool group and they liked to make fun of Todd so we had a good time before heading down to the Pink Pony where we drank until late into the night and partied with them. It was odd being at the Pony and not seeing Bill, but I had fun nonetheless - she was trapped in Detroit on her way back from NYC.

The following week was the Talent-No Talent show, which - again - the mainlanders chose not to attend, as did many of the island employees. This ticks me off. The Lead Interpreters should have attended, especially the HHI Lead because with a mostly new staff you needed to set that example. The mainlanders often are anti-social toward the island, commenting how we are the privileged ones etc, but maybe if they were excited about the organization and didn't treat it like a job and actually left their little compound they'd get some recognition on a daily basis too. Rant done.Playing with the camera before the Talent/No Talent Show

Hi Island!

Chim-iney Cricket!

The show was not as good as previous years, or as well attended, all islanders, and mostly new people, they had fun, but I can't help but wish that there'd been more support. I don't think Katie is going to organize one for next year... which is sad, but oh well...

The third week of August the boys came to visit me! I really missed them, Justin, Ray and Brock drove up for 3 days! It was sweet. We started a posse. Tank (Ray), Blinky (Justin), Brock-Brock (duh) and me - Mr. Trace. It was sweet. We even had a finger snap thing... it was so cool. We went to meet Billie at work and after the intro's talked for a few minutes before she had to get back to work so we did our snap thing (to tumultuous laughter) and escaped into the afternoon to hang out later. I love those guys! We decided who got to wear the Canada Fleece and we sat on the porch and hang out in the common room drinking and generally creating conversational humor it was fantastic. I don't meet too many people as quick witted as these guys, it was so refreshing... I'm feeling all giddy just typing about it...

I had Friday off so after an excellently flirtatious breakfast at the Pony we headed off the island (on my commuter passes) and saw a movie - Superbad - HILARIOUS! So funny and great to see with them. Then we headed over got some groceries and played around on the mainland listening to music before catching the boat back. Friday was dinner at Sinclair's and then the last Pub Runner's weekend before September 21 & 22 (which they are planning a return trip). Billie is addicted to the Pub Runners - how can you not be - so she came too and we all had a great night, taking pictures in B&W and Sepia, playing music on stage with the boys, and drinking up a storm.
Brock-Brock and Tank belt it out. Blinky blinks.

Drink it! Yum... Boddingtons...

And now presenting for your viewing enjoyment: Hot Brother a.k.a Brock-Brock!

Did you? I dunno... Did you?!? No... I didn't... who was it?

A wonderful snapshot in time of what it's like at the Pub Runners... not in 1936 but whatever

Hot Brock-Brock again. Justin, not impressed, but Amy is!

No! We're not related at ALL!

Lemon anyone says Blinky; Tank is "And She Was!-ing"

Not really sure why, but I was going to kill her.
The faces are good even if the pics partly blocked.

He's not hurt! He's just clapping with such zeal!

Don't look at the flash! Don't! Oh well... Susanna and I did.

They swoon for me. Holy crap. I can't take it.
Ahh Raymond... i mean Tank... I mean my homie g funk sippin jiggy juice on a fly tip and all that jazz. excel.

Saturday they all had to leave and it was sad, but after another breakfast at the Pony they wandered the island and I went up to work. They left in the afternoon after lunch at the Icehouse, Bill even stopped by to say bye, but it was all great fun. I miss them even now. We went the Grand that evening, for the last big night of the season. And then back down to the Pub afterward for the last night as all of us... what a night!

Playing in sepia and suits. Sounds like a cool band name... Sepia and Suits. Okay maybe not that cool.

The girls at the grand... gratuitous lack of alcohol, and Claire frickin blinked! AGAIN!
Hot Bill. Hot.
Katie, Angela and Brent with their amazing ($9) daiquiris!
Trying out the Long Straw!

The fourth week of August was peppered with the leaving of employees and the gearing down for the end of the season. Everyone spent their time packing, doing evaluations, trying to heal any leftover wounds or lick the ones that had been left for most of the summer... it's always odd leaving the island and knowing you'll be back with some of these people, you can see it in people's faces (and hear it when other's backs are turned) that they are not sorry to be leaving some of their coworkers, but they still hug and smile and say goodbye to the very end... how strange.

Not surprisingly the last week was expensive, people were going out to dinner left and right, drinking together for the last times, and even Bri went and had some alcohol (shocking!) before the last week was over. As the rooms started emptying out and the Mission House became quieter and quieter I started to get a little down, knowing I have two months still to go... but it helped that Blake was visiting and I could blow off steam and relax down at the gatehouse or the 'stang with them. Blake had been visiting all of August every week (Tuesday at the Gatehouse and Wednesday at the Mustang) and we'd all been having a great time meeting up and swapping stories, rounds of beer, and cigars. What a great life that is. I've been looking into working for Tauck Tours for and thinking about it for a while now, the travel opportunities alone are pretty impressive, but it's not being paid to travel, it's hard work, but I think I would really like it... We'll have to see if I can get the job before I really get myself too into doing something like that, though Blake says - as does Bruce, Phil and most every tour guide I've gotten to know - that I could be really good at it... but I don't want to get too stuck into something like that and forget about my dreams... it's a conflict to be certain.

Blake's last night at the Mustang was pretty fabulous, and we had a great time with Katie, Bruce, Blake and I just hanging out and drinking a few pitchers. Reminiscing about Maria being Blaked the week before and then Ben the week before that... we really need to make t-shirts that say I've been Blaked... it would be fab. You know it. I know it.

August wound up to be a great month on the island, but not the last one... I have been thinking a lot about this summer and it was really a growth summer for me. I hung out with more new people, left the house more and met/hung out with more downtownies and actual islanders than ever, and loved it even more than other times. I spent Tuesdays @ Square Dancing and Jazz & Wine Night, met the Pellerito's, hung out on the Haan's porch a few times, Spent a few Thursday's playing music and singing at the Mustang with Val and Phil and a few others. Really an amazing summer again... how can I leave this place... work may not be what it used to be, but the place gets better every year... oh well.

I'll post again soon, I have more free time now, and I've just found out that I'll be here until at least 25 October... wow, that's so late... I may just stay for Halloween so if anyone is interested in making a trip up for the Haunted Holiday on Mackinac Island, let me know, I really think I want to just make it a full 6 mo!

And finally, a bunch of random pictures that Billie took on the Pub Runners night!
Look out it's Emo Trace!
You couldn't cut that love with a knife...
Oooooooh yea... a cigar from a lovely island off the coast of Florida...

Wow, a cigar smoking woman... that is pretty much one of the sexiest things I've ever seen
Billie and Bever