Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stag Night

Good afternoon faithful readers, and Erik who says I don't update enough. Where's your blog huh?! Geez. So, Eric was just leaving for the bar. Andy had gone to purchase a few, shall we say, "supplies" for the night. We were going to bar hop, but after visiting the Grotto, we ended up just staying right there.

In a new format I decided to create a slideshow rather than just posting a hundred photos

Let me know what you think of this format rather than the spread out one for a massive picture post...

There have been other things going on too, I am planning on a new Blogcast coming up here very soon with my reviews and details of my newest purchase, the Nintendo WiiFit! It's going to be pretty good, and if you're lucky there might even be video. I'm debating still. Also I went to a wedding last weekend with Megan and got to see Kendra!


That. Is a Hot Picture.

I won't dance, don't ask me...

Just a little closer...

Working for the Olive Garden which comes with it own drama and a whole new set of friends who all seem to think I am pretty cool or something.

Plus Eric and Katy's wedding next Saturday, and Ray and I are moving into a new apartment here on Sunday!! Wow. Lots of stuff going down. Once we are settled I garuntee we'll have everyone over, don't you worry! I know you were...

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Damn Good Taco

The last few weeks have been something. I've been fairly productive. Working for Olive Garden has gotten me back in the swing of every-day employ. I've made some 'friends' though they are all tentative and only at-work friends at this point, maybe someday I'll see if any want to be out-of-work friends? Either way, this weekend was Eric's Bachelor party and it was Legen-

FLASH: Pat Dillon Spotted in East Lansing!
For those of you that haven't been following the papers. Pat Dillon has been spotted in East Lansing, Michigan. The Illinois transplant was spotted entering Woody's Oasis and this reporter was here to give it to you first.
Pat Dillon, a mild mannered Western Michigan University graduate has been residing with his now-former girlfriend She-who-shall-not-be-named. After the severance Pat Dillon was once more free to walk amongst his fellows. Now in the employ of one Little Caesar (who apparently enjoys an Italian dish called Pizza) Pat Dillion was able to escape to make a visit to his far-be-gone friends here in the Greater Lansing Tri-County area. One Megan C. was on hand for comment, "It's like he's a celebrity," she commented outside of the Taco Bell in East Lansing, "all the guys are fawning over him, hanging on his every word! It's kind of weird." One of Pat's greatest admirers (and this reporter feels maybe an unrequited lover) who refused to allow his name to be printed and instead wished to be known simply as Ray Lee commented, "Wow. He's just so amazing. I missed Pat so much. You should have heard what he just said!! Wow!! I'm so happy!"
Unfortunately, Dillon himself was not available for comment, but this reporter did overhear him saying, "Some people might thing this is a bad idea, but I just think it's a damn good taco."
So there you have it folks. The famous P. Dillon right here in East Lansing. Just remember you heard it here first.
Pat Dillon now resides in Ireland where the Caesar has ordered him to open more of his so-called Fran Chises. An old girlfriend perhaps? Only time will tell.

And now back to your regularly scheduled broadcast. Cheers!~

-dary. We started out with an early morning where Nate and I drove over to Ray's to get to Kzoo (actually) Bangor for some paintballing. 5000 paintballs and 4 hours later - during which we even took on part of the current WMU Broncos Football team (they were a hoot) - it was time to head to Shanks. We finished the Wings game over a beer (and after a short nap in the car), and then watched the guys play their own game. Finally it was almost time to go to the bar.

That's when the real fun began... check back later for the update!! time for work...