Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What was lost, now is found

Sitting here in my darkened apartment I can't help but let my thoughts be drawn to what I could have been.

What if my mother had taken me to be a baby model? (apparently it was seriously discussed as I was a pretty cute baby) What if I'd gone to State? What if I'd sent my resume to just the right job earlier on? Lots of what if's...

Most people seem to think these what if's are a plague on your thoughts, keeping you from doing what you are doing and thinking the grass is greener... I respectfully disagree. I have a number of what if's that didn't turn out well at all, and make my current life look pretty good, whereas there are others (maybe more fantastical or ideal) where the life I have now seems pretty much crap.

Not that I'm not happy, I've got some great friends, a good roommate and a new apartment, I've been to 4 weddings this year, so my friends are all doing well, and I've got a couple of great jobs... but then there's that nagging feeling, that if I just tried a little hard a little while ago... It's like there's a Free Mochas Yesterday sign in my head, and I keep convincing myself no matter what good happens to me, that I just missed something because I didn't try it yesterday... I keep thinking of the right thing to do but on the wrong day.

So lately, I've been on a bit of a sabbatical at best and hiatus at worst. I prefer to think I've just been too busy, but honestly when you try and write a well read (choke* cough* chuckle*) blog using pirated internet, you can never be too sure if you'll be in the blogging mood when the internet strikes.

In honour of my walkabout, I've decided to post some of my thoughts that I've been collecting on my Thought Recorder I received from Santa. I left it in the pocket of my coat and just pulled it out now a few months later...

  • March 26, 2008: "Write a documentary about the lives of people who have been caught Streaking at Professional Sporting events. Title it, Anything Butt. Talk to them about why they did it and perhaps document a live case if plausible. Would make an interesting movie."
I like this idea still... I think it would go really well... anyone want to foot the bill?
  • April 4, 2008: "Note to self: Make sure you put pudding in a pinata before you die."
Yea, who wouldn't love to do this?
  • March 13, 2008: "A industrial strengh magnet that would fit in a small space, a cup, and a car. Combine that with a video camera... Genius."
An interesting proposal, though I think I might have been in a self-promoting mood that day, because it's hardly genius without a better sales pitch than that. In fact I have no idea what the hell I was talking about. The only thing I could think of is to drive around with a cup on my roof and see people's reactions and how they try and tell you, or what they do when they see it on the roof on the highway...
  • March 7, 2008: "Remember when the top of the fridge was so far away? And the cupboard over the fridge was a strange and mysterious place... no one really knew what went up there... How about when the bathroom faucet handle was too far away to reach??"
I often used the Recorder for possible brainstorming topics for later blog posts, this was one of the ones that never came to fruition obviously... not enough gusto I guess.
  • February 16, 2008: "Try walking around with your Carhartt overalls on and the fly open, with your regular pants on underneath with the fly zipped in an area where carhartts are commonly seen... Are people going to think you have your fly open?"
Your guess is as good as mine on this one.
  • February 4, 2008: "The highest rated football teams are from the Midwest and New England; *interjection* the highest rated HOCKEY teams are from the Midwest and New England; the highest rated political candidates are from the Midwest and New England; and yet... everybody's moving to Texas... ... ... one of the Lowest rated presidents in history... from Texas... ... Texas?! ... people really are going to vote against their self-interest..."
An interesting realization if I've ever heard one.
  • February 2, 2008: A conversation between Justin and I about his future was captured by the recorder and is reproduced here...
T: So what would you have to say about this?
J: Anything? Well one day I am going to have all these ideas, that are going to be formed into thoughts...
T: What kind of thoughts?
J: About video games mostly...
T: Okay, excellent. Do you have a publication in mind that you would be interested in?
J:Well eveyone reads electronic gameing monthly...
T: Thats a pretty popular one as I understand, with those geeky kids.
J: Yea, well I read IGN.
T: Oh, the online one! Is that an online only?
J: That's an affirm.
T: So you want to work online... in the online environment?
J: No. No, I want to develop games, for Nintendo.
T: You want to develop games? Don't you have to learn programming for that?
J: No, that's a programmer.
T: Right... So you're in game development? So you guys, what? Sit around in a basement and talk about how to make cows disappear?
J: Exactly, somebody says, 'Hey, we should put this in the game, some kind of fighting racket' and someone else goes, 'Whyyyyy?'...
T: So then, you'd be the 'Why' guy?
J: Yea, I question postulates.
T: You postulate questions?
J: Prostate.
T: Well. Thank you for your time... I guess.

Pretty interesting... maybe?

I mentioned earlier that I had been to 4 weddings. The most recent of which was Travis and Beth's wedding on Mackinac Island. Held on Friday 13 June, their wedding was absolutely beautiful. The hike up to Stonecliff was long, but the wedding was fabulous. It was also nice to see Billie for the first time since North Carolina, and though she snubbed me to hang out with some guy who she likes, I found I really didn't care too much, because I was just happy to be back on the island.

This slideshow runs through the bulk of the pictures from my island Wedding Weekend.

I hoped to blog about something a bit more interesting, but unfortunately, I've got 13 hours of work tomorrow, so I think I am going to cut it short. For those that are keeping tabs, I've still not heard back from the job interview in New York, I've emailed a couple of times and they email me back telling me to keep in touch they are still making decisions, and for those of you that missed the Red Wings playoff beard, check out the shots below!
Before the night began...

The boys en route.

At B-dubs just after the cup was hoisted

Yes, thats right, he shaved it. He had it, then, still at B-Dubs, he shaved it. Amazing.