Thursday, July 03, 2008

Letter to Sen. B. H. Obama

Welcome to the Presidential Race Mr. Obama, and I would love the opportunity to share some of my views with you, and as you are most definitely too busy to listen to the likes of me then I would hope that a member of your staff agrees with my view here on this blog and maybe some of the other blog-readers would as well.

Voting. Voting Rights are more important than many American's believe. Many believe that on Voting Day one just votes! Or mails their absentee ballot and sits back to watch the zoo on Voting Day. Voting Day is often plagued by long lines of people, armies of lawyers watching polls in select cities, small town women and men helping those who have never voted or who are confused about something. Voting Day is truly a blessing on our country that we have forgotten to appreciate amid the turmoil and rush of Lunch Hour voting.

We need a better plan, indeed a plan to remove poll harassment and intimidation, a plan to enact a nationally recognized ballot system, yet if we are going to reform the schema of Voting Day why not reform Voting Day itself. In the campaign people often worry about those who are "Staying Home" on Voting Day, which includes the blue collar workers who can't afford to drive over to the polls because their short lunch break doesn't allow it, or the mother who runs a day care from her home and can't leave to vote even though doing so is something she cherishes. We need a better plan for people who are too busy or cannot afford to stop their work, find their voting card and stand i na line for 5 hours in Ohio to vote.

In short Voting Day should be a National Holiday. We have holidays for everything now, but we need a holiday that everyone agrees is important. Democracy Day, Voting Day, Election day, whatever it would be called there are few that would oppose a day specifically dedicated to the celebration of Democracy in the most successful Great Experiment of Democracy in history.

We need a day where those who can't get away CAN get away. Many people get Christmas off a religious holiday of great significance, but very few take off work to vote. This is where America shows its true colors, we value religion in this country as the world knows, but we also need to value the principles by which our country is governed, University students should not have to attend class, businessmen and women should not be required to work because they should be busy voting for the future of their nation.

Voting is casting your opinion in arguably the most important job interview and hiring in the next eight years, and I for one will be doing my best to hire Mr. Barack Obama for the job.

Voting Day should be a holiday, lets get on that.