Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amanda told me I needed to update.

So it's been a long time... Most of the summer and now the fall has gone by and I still haven't been blogging. I think It might be because I have been so busy with my two jobs and all my new friends, but really that is probably and excuse.

I feel like my blog has gotten stagnant! Sort of like my life. I dont want to blather on about it, but this last year has really helped me realize my potential is really not tapped at all. I need to focus and get shit done!

Also, it's nice to actually have friends that are on the same page as me. Ray is a lifesaver, and his girlfriend Daryl is pretty great too. Without Ray I dont even know where I'd be right now.

I talked to Amanda the other day! It's so strange that friendships that I made while I was in a foreign country still resonate with me. We didn't know each other very long, had almost nothing in common before we got to our new home, but we somehow became fast friends. If only home was more like that.

So over the summer I spent some time on Mackinac Island, worked a lot at Olive Garden and some at Williams-Sonoma. My brother finally moved out of my parents house. They subsequently rented a dumpster (and not the small one) and proceeded to throw everything away. Evan went so far as to stand at the edge of the huge metal box containing our past and say, "My childhood is in there..." It was sad, but also liberating, especially for my parents. I'd imagine it's much like going off to college, it's such a big step, so much change in perspective without really a big change in who you are; that comes later.

My parents do seem happier, they spend more time together, because they have to. I get a bit misty when I drive away from their house now, much like you feel leaving grandma's. You know when they go back inside it's empty. I trust and love my parents. I know they can fill it.


Mackinac Island is another place that's changed for me. I am very happy I wasn't there this season, I don't think I could have taken it. Not because I don't still love what I used to do, not because I don't care for the people there, but more because this year was not what I always remembered Mackinac being. This was more like the stories I'd heard about what it used to be... For those of you out there that know the old stories, it was a sleep-fest, a drunk-fest, a drama-fest, a fight-fest, and there were so many rumors and so much backstabbing that came to my ears I was just relieved that I could go to work and not have to be involved. I went to visit a couple of weeks ago on the last day the Fort was open, and the brand new fife that KC had bought for the guys was smashed and stuck through a nail by the door to the guideshack. In my mind that was kind of the theme of what I had heard from the summer. Disrespect. I wasn't there and won't waste any more time talking about events I know nothing about but it saddens me to learn the program that Ihad helped build through friendship and comraderie was driven to this.


There's a guy I work with names Alex who probably will never read this, but he took an amazing picture that I posted on facebook:
I left a comment that it reminded me of a cast photo for a sitcom and my friends jumped right in on it... Leaving a comment:

[Yeah!] a sitcom about a levelheaded guy with these kraaazy friends....

-Sandy [blone on the left] is cute but clumsy and always tries to help his love life but ends up making him look like a creep in front of his girlfriend of the week.
-Tina [in the back - peeking] is actually the neighbour from down the hall that invites herself to their parties. Her favorite story is about how she threw a redbull at a car once. Full can. Then she drank it. Nobody gets it but they all laugh because she's kind of scary.
-Jon John Jr. [the guy on my left] likes to be known as Triple J because "Jon is what my mom calls me" and "John is so formal" and "Jr." is a hick name. The name doesn't catch. He is usually called J. R. He recites Shakespeare late at night.
-Emma [on the right in orange] is a free spirit who always dates the wrong guy, one day they will see they're so right for each other. But only for one day, then it's off to the next crazy episode.


I was inspired and thought it was very clever and creative, so I wrote her back with another episode of my own!

Sandy was working out at the gym, eyeing the guy in the machine next to her, so she decided to show off by lifting all the plates on HER machine, which was like 250lbs. Dropping the plates REALLY LOUDLY after her grunt of effort wasn't the attractive move she wanted it to be, but it turns out the guy was super friendly to her and even offered to drive her to the hospital. She couldn't stand up straight at all, and the getting into the car was pretty hilarious, but she got his number...

Tina invited herself to a party this week (ugh i know) and had a new story about the time that she decided to go base jumping in costa rica with her sister but instead of pulling her parachute she pulled the harness release, falling 25 feet down she broke her fall on an endangered bird nesting in the tall weeds. She made a superstar move... we laughed, but it was actually pretty awful.

J. R. decided to take his Shakespeare to the next level doing hamlet in the park, we all were planning on going but other things came up. We each figured that we'd get the DL from the others, and when we all met up at the bar we usually hang out at pretended like we all saw it, picking scenes at random and using the most general terms possible talking about how it was, "Really good when he was holding that skull up and monologuing!" et cetera. This went on for about 10 minutes before we all realized none of us had gone. He was pretty mad, but kept dragging it on because he thought it was funny that Emma thought Hamlet was actually a spin off of Toy Story 2 about the Pig.

Emma met a new guy last week who she was still with this week. Turns out he was obsessed with female underwear. She stayed over at his house and found a secret room filled with his "conquest wall" of every girl he'd ever stolen panties from. She ran away, and as it turns out was in such a hurry she left her panties (which oddly enough were her lucky pair). We decided to help her out by breaking into his loft apartment with the "PLF." She got all camoflaged in paint and everything and tried (without a lot of success) to repel down into the oversized windows. He had another girl over so she was just hanging upside down there outside his windows watching him try and seduce the other girl. Emma was spotted eventually the girl screamed and Emma just shrugged. We bailed her out around 2am.

so that was another crazy episode!

If you are inspired too why don't you try your hand to write an episode? Leave it in the comment section!


Ultimately, my summer was busy and eventful. I spent a lot of time with Ray, dated a little, met a lot of new people and decided to try for graduate school again. My friends got married, some moved across the country. I still live here, I love my family, but I need to find myself. Amanda and I were relating to each other in this way:

You were born here. It wasn't your choice. What if there's somewhere else that you'd be better? Happier? More at home? Isn't it doing a dis-service to not at least find out? If you choose to come back someday at least you know this is where makes you happiest. There are too many places to just decided arbitrarily that the place your parents birthed you is the best for you.

I am out to find my place.

And now a smattering of pictures from the summer... my favs...

From a wool soldiers outfit to a tie that you wouldn't want to put on a dead man.

At least the glasses are sweet.

A horse on the Pensylvania Turnpike.
We were stopped for over 2 hours so we got out and wandered around...

Ray, Svetlana, and Daryl (in ascending order)

The gang back together at Travis and Beth's wedding

Beth and Travis holding hands their first night of marriage...

Blacksmithing! Yep, that's me!

Erik lookin' feisty!

Ray and I in full volunteer soldier regalia.

Two of my favourite people on the planet

Historic Interpreters doing what they do best. Standing. Lookin' good.

Canada Day on Mackinac (of course)

Eric's Bachelor Party. He was quite popular.
A low-quality (to prevent future gift spoiling) of a panoramic of Eric and Katy's Wedding...

Travis and Beth's Wedding on Mackinac

Ray and I kissing the Stanley Cup
Time to take the old Coke-noe out on the river and have a smile

Carmen and I boozing a bit on the river

Everyone loves canoing!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

it's Katie's fault.

First the rules:
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So, here they are in no particular order:
1. I have a slight obsession with audio equipment. I listen. I really like to listen! You can hear a lot of things if you stop thinking about it so much.

2. I like scented candles. I think they make my apartment feel more like a "home" than the smell of my roommates overpowering cologne. Call me crazy. Currently my favs are Good Morning (a spiced pear/muffin/something i can't identify) and Sandalwood. Gotta love sandalwood.

3. I love to not wear pants. And not only in the not wearing pants way. Pretty much I like not having anything from the knee down. So shorts too, I like shorts, i like cut offs, swim suits, boxers, etc. I also don't like wearing shoes if I can help it. I've been known to drive barefoot, hike barefoot, run track barefoot, walk through the snow barefoot, and pretty spend as much time outdoors without shoes on as possible.

4. I remember things. I have a knack for remembering little details, song lyrics, stories, jokes, names, people, quotes, trivia, et cetera. I have actually become fairly well known for it in some circles. And i've never lost at Scene It.

5. I like sports, but I don't really. I like the playoffs more. Why should I really care about the 80 games a team plays for months on end, when only 3 or the 20 teams don't get in the playoffs or whatever. Heck, even if 8 of the 20 don't thats still not too bad right? I think the playoffs are better because if you lose a couple of times, you're done. It just makes it seem more important to me.

6. I seriously check Facebook probably 25 times a day. It's a bit of an addiction. In fact I'll probably tell people I tagged them via facebook in about 3 minutes...

I Tag: