Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Temporary Migration

I know it's been a while since I've posted here. It's not because I don't love my blog anymore, but thanks to the new 40 hour work-week on top of my class-time, I've not had a lot of time to muse about my independent thoughts.

That being said, I've got my newer, more professionally focused blog. Check it out! It's more regularly updated.

See you around,


Monday, March 09, 2009

I couldn't sleep at 4am...

Ladies and gentlemen, Good morning.

I come to your today with a proposition to change the future of a nation.
A nation conceived in liberty, with the ideals of equality, and the promise of opportunity.
This nation that we are all a part of, what the framers called the Grand Experiment, still needs help to fulfill our needs.
Maintenance, adaptation, expansion.
As a family grows, it's house must be upgraded, cleaned, and augmented to provide shelter for the inhabitants.
Just like that house, our country must also undergo changes as we, the people, grow and change.

Our forebears could never imagine the world we live in today; what we take for commonality would have been wizardry and spectacle.
And yet, we cling to them, to grasp what they wrought for our future.

These men and women who have shaped our country were not only part of a continental congress, or a revolution, or held an office of any kind.
Some of these were reverends, poets, citizens, soldiers.
Some fought for our country, some fought for equality, some opposed a fight, and still others reported on it, but they all had a hand in shaping our lives.

America is built by many hands, and as such those men and women who care most about our country take the time to cast their opinions once a year; while others stand and ask to lead.

Are not those opinions important?

In many countries around our world voting is punishable by death. People here on our own soil fought and bled for the right to simply write a name on a piece of parchment, and slide it into a box; casting their vote.

Today I ask, why do we not celebrate such a simple, powerful, and meaningful an action as the Right to Vote?

First it was land owners, then those regardless of gender. Next it was the youth, and the power was expanded to younger generations and people of all color and creed.
The ability to vote impassions and empowers our people.
It is a part of the lifeblood of our country, and yet we refuse to acknowledge it's meaning fully.

In a given year, we Americans stop everything to commemorate those who molded our nation.

We mourn and remember our fallen warriors, the men and women who without hesitation fought for what we call America.
We celebrate the life of men and women who fought the personal and ethical fight of equality and freedom promised to us all.
We worship many gods, prophets, saints, and believers.
We unite and exalt in the freeing of our people, the declaration of our principles and liberty from powers who sought to keep us as colonies.

Is it not a equal task to celebrate the power of the Vote? To have a day devoted not to past battles and flags but to the future of a nation.

I propose what many of you already know I have supported, the creation of Election Day. Voting Day. Democracy Day. A day when Americans stand and are counted, and their voices are heard. Not through the media, or internet, but though a government created for the people and by the people, to be run by the people.

Voting embodies the spirit of what America is today, and will be tomorrow.

Voting Day should be celebrated on equal footing with other events on America's calendar because it is equally important.

I propose a day of rest, a day when the most pressing task is to pick not just a president, but a senator, a council member, a dog catcher, and even a school board, because the individuals standing hoping for your vote, will influence your life tomorrow and many days to come.

Americans should not be required to have their voice during lunch break, school break, or at day break.
We should not have to miss our chance because we missed the bus, carpool, or gas station.

If our people registered to have their voice, then who should be able to tell them otherwise!
I ask you what is more important than our self-governance?

Voting Day should be a National Day of Democracy. Voting is patriotic and as American's we should respect those who fought for the right to express their voice by forgoing other responsibilities until our country is safely conducted on its path to tomorrow.

Please, lets make Voting Day a day for everyone to relish in the power of the one and the many; let us make it a national holiday.


Not bad for 30 minutes work eh? Now polish it up a bit and get someone to read it in Congress and we'd be well on our way.

Friday, March 06, 2009

92 out of the 132 things.

You are required to answer ALL the following questions.
Tag 20 people and repost it with the title: I've done --- out of the 132 stupid things.

67/132 means you scored a distinction for doing stupid things!

But come on these aren't ALL stupid! :)

Level 1
(x - Aww, remember cloves?) Smoked A Cigarette
(x - MMMmm) Smoked A Cigar
(x - Dammit Groover!) Kissed A Member Of The Same Sex
(x - Occasionally...) Drank Alcohol


Level 2
(x - i <3 my TV! Bff!~) Fall In Love with non living thing
(x) Been Dumped
(x - I was 6) Shoplifted
(x - I was 'Let Go') Been Fired
( ) Been In A Fist Fight


Level 4
(x -Many times) Had A Crush On An Older Person
(x - sometimes it makes lame adventures more fun!) Skipped School
(x - not always a good idea) Dated A Co-worker
(I'm going to say no, roadkill doesn't count) Seen Someone / Something Die

SO FAR: 11

Level 5
(x - like 25 of them: mmm Ray...) Had / Have A Crush On One Of Your Facebook Friends
(x - LOVED it ) Been To Paris
(x - Si! Fantastcio!~) Been To Spain
(x - too many times to count. Don't fly AlItalia) Been On A Plane
(x - remember, I lived on Mackinac Island) Thrown Up From Drinking

SO FAR: 16

Level 6
(x - ^_^) Eaten Sushi
(x - not in a long while) Been Snowboarding/Skiing
(x - Hey Jen!) Met Someone BECAUSE Of Facebook
( ) Been in a Mosh Pit

SO FAR: 19

Level 7
( ) Been In An Abusive Relationship (EMOTIONAL)
( ) Taken Pain Killers
(x - who hasn't?) Love/loved Someone Who You Cant Have
(x - daily!) Laid On Your Back And Watched Cloud Shapes Go By
(x - seasonally!) Made A Snow Angel

SO FAR: 22

Level 8
( ) Had A Tea Party
(x - and not just in the slang Thai way) Flown A Kite
(x - every day one summer) Built A Sand Castle
( ) Gone mudding
(x - in what way?) Played Dress Up

SO FAR: 25

Level 9
(x - Amazing!) Jumped Into A Pile Of Leaves
(x - All the time!) Gone Sledding
(x) Cheated While Playing A Game
(x) Been Lonely
(x - History of West Africa, my prof had a soothing accent) Fallen Asleep At Work / School

SO FAR: 30

Level 10
(x - #1 Florence, #2 Mackinac) Watched The Sun Set
(x - there was one in Lansing in Middle School!!) Felt An Earthquake
( ) Killed A Snake

SO FAR: 32

Level 11
(x) Been Tickled
(x - those crazy band buddies) Been Robbed / Vandalized
( ) Been cheated on
(x - this is a dumb question) Been Misunderstood

SO FAR: 35

Level 12
(x) Won A Contest
(x - in school) Been Suspended From School
(x - almost the same as above) Had Detention
(x - minor only) Been In A Car / Motorcycle Accident


Level 13
(x - 5 frickin' years) Had / Have Braces
(x - yum!) Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night
(x) Danced in the moonlight

SO FAR: 42

Level 14
(x) Hated The Way You Look
(x - i couldn't get to my car because of an "Incident" in a bank!) Witnessed A Crime
( ) Pole Danced
(x - what does this even mean?) Questioned Your Heart
(x- I have digital ones too...) Been obsessed with post-it-notes

SO FAR: 46

Level 15
(x - i love being barefoot) Squished Barefoot Through The Mud
(x - depends on how you look at it) Been Lost
( ) Been To The Opposite Side Of The World
(x - I've swam in the Gulf, Atlantic, & Mediterranean) Swam In The Ocean
(no way! how dramatic...) Felt Like You Were Dying

SO FAR: 49

Level 16
( ) Cried Yourself To Sleep
(x) Played Cops And Robbers
( ) Recently Colored With Crayons / Colored Pencils / Markers
(x) Sang Karaoke
(x - I charged a stamp once... $0.32) Paid For A Meal With Only Coins

SO FAR: 52

Level 17
(x) Done Something You Told Yourself You Wouldn't
(x) Made a Prank Phone Call
( ) Laughed Until Some Kind Of Beverage Came Out Of Your Nose
(x - yum...) Kissed In The Rain

SO FAR: 55

Level 18
(x) Written A Letter To Santa Claus
(x) Watched The Sun Set/ sun rise With Someone You Care/Cared About
(x - In beer even!) Blown Bubbles
(x - Eagle Scout! We made the rocks explode... still smoldering 12 hours later) Made A Bonfire

SO FAR: 59

Level 19
( ) Crashed A Party
(x) Have Traveled More Than 5 Days With A Car Full Of People
(x) Gone Rollerskating / Blading
(x) Had A Wish Come True
( ) Been Humped By A Monkey

SO FAR: 62

Level 20
( ) Worn Pearls
( ) Jumped Off A Bridge
( ) Swore at the teacher, in front of them
( ) Swam With Dolphins

SO FAR: 62

Level 22
( ) Got Your Tongue Stuck To A Pole/Freezer/ice Cube
( ) Kissed A Fish
(x - Which time? I was Scary Spice once.) Worn The Opposite Sex's Clothes
(x) Sat On A Roof Top

SO FAR: 64

Level 23
(x - Garden State style, on a clifftop over the ocean) Screamed At The Top Of Your Lungs
( ) Done / Attempted A One-Handed Cartwheel
(x)Talked On The Phone For More Than 6 Hours
(x) Recently stayed up for a while talking to someone you care about

SO FAR: 67

Level 24
(x) Picked And Ate An Apple Right Off The Tree
(x) Climbed A Tree
( ) Had/Been In A Tree House
(x) Been scared To Watch Scary Movies Alone

SO FAR: 70

Level 25
(x - Again, Mackinac Island!) Believed In Ghosts
( ) Have had More Then 30 Pairs Of Shoes
( ) Gone Streaking
( ) Visited Jail

SO FAR: 71

Level 26
(x - in the pool) Played Chicken
(x) Been Pushed into a pool with all your clothes on
(x) Been Told You're Hot By A Complete Stranger
( ) Broken A Bone
(x - daily) Been Easily Amused

SO FAR: 75

Level 27
( ) Caught A Fish Then Ate It Later
( ) Made A Porn Video
(don't touch them! They die!) Caught A Butterfly
(x) Laughed So Hard You Cried
( ) Cried So Hard You Laughed

SO FAR: 76

Level 28
(x) Mooned/Flashed Someone
(x) Had Someone Moon/Flash You
(x) Cheated On A Test
(x) Forgotten Someone's Name
( ) French Braided Someones Hair
(x - All the time!) Gone Skinny Dipping
( ) Been Kicked Out Of Your House
(x -only by punching things when angry...) Tried to hurt yourself

SO FAR: 82

Level 29
(x) Rode A Roller Coaster
( ) Went Scuba-Diving/Snorkeling
(x) Had A Cavity
( ) Black-Mailed Someone
( ) Been Black Mailed

SO FAR: 84

Level 30
(x) Been Used
(x) Fell Going Up The Stairs
(x) Licked A Cat
(x) Bitten Someone
(x) Licked Someone

SO FAR: 89

Level 31
( ) Been shot at/or at gunpoint
(x) Had sex in the rain
( ) Flattened someones tires
(x) Rode your car/truck until the gas light came on
(x) Got five dollars or less worth of gas

Verdict: 92