Wednesday, January 27, 2010

50 States Movie Marathon! Success!

We did it!! Here it is. Any corrections? Debates? Someone should hold this marathon. Maybe we could get TBS to do it...

Alabama - Forrest Gump
Alaska - Mystery, Alaska
Arizona - Raising Arizona
Arkansas - Walk the Line
California - The Wizard
Colorado - Dumb and Dumber
Connecticut - Mystic Pizza
Delaware - Wayne's World
District of Columbia - Mr Smith Visits Something something...
Florida - The Birdcage
Georgia - Gone With The Wind
Hawaii - Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Idaho - Napoleon Dynamite
Illinois - Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Indiana - Christmas Story
Iowa - Field of Dreams
Kansas - Wizard of Oz
Kentucky - Elizabethtown
Louisiana - Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Maine - Shawshank Redemption
Maryland - Blair Witch Project
Massachusetts - Boondock Saints
Michigan - Grosse Point Blank
Minnesota - Miracle
Mississippi - O' Brother Where Art Thou
Missouri - Meet Me in St. Louis
Montana - Legends of the Fall
Nebraska - Children of the Corn
Nevada - The Hangover
New Hampshire - What About Bob
New Jersey - Clerks
New Mexico - High School Musical
New York - Ghostbusters
North Carolina - Cape Fear
North Dakota - Fargo
Ohio - Major League
Oklahoma - Twister
Oregon - The Goonies
Pennsylvania - Groundhog Day
Rhode Island - Me, Myself and Irene
South Carolina - Glory
South Dakota - North by Northwest
Tennessee - The Blindside
Texas - Fandango
Utah - SLC Punk
Vermont - Super Troopers
Virginia - Bourne Identity
Washington - 10 Things I Hate About You
West Virginia - October Sky
Wisconsin - American Movie
Wyoming - Close Encounters of the Third Kind

50 States Movie Marathon - Can We Do It?

I am supposed to have an Endoscopy in a few hours (don't worry it's a relatively procedure), but I can't sleep. I was laying there, thinking about how to fall asleep when the idea popped in my head...

A 50 States Movie Marathon.

I couldn't help it, it just popped in there... Ghostbusters - New York, just thought of that now as I was typing!

I mean sure lets be honest with ourselves, Ghostbusters may not embody the entire state, but that's not the idea is it? The idea is every state has a movie who's main theme, their mantra, their setting or their goal is to get to, be in, talk about or refer to a state!

I mean, when I think of Illinois, I think of Chicago, and when I think of Chicago, I, like you, should be thinking of Ferris Beuller's Day Off.

When I think of an amazing, and I mean frickin' fantastic movie marathon. I usually think James Bond, but this is just... beyond amazing. Obviously, it would be spread out over weeks... maybe even a whole year... One movie a week for a year with two weeks off would be insane! But think of the pay off. Think of the geekery! You'd be a Nerdsation!

When I think of Alaska, I think of a town called Mystery.

But it's not always about cliché, for example, what prompted this whole thing was thinking about Grosse Point Blank - Michigan, not Escanaba in da Moonlight or 8 Mile. And then I started to think of other movies and even more outside the box...

California... CALIFORNIA! - The Wizard... The kid says California how many frickin' times!? Probably 38. That movie should be the movie for the marathon.

I don't know who follows this blog anymore, but I am sure that I have friends from most of the states of this union. Anyone have any other ideas? These are the ones that popped into my head, sometimes on accident... like Minnesota, weren't a lot of those boys from Lake Placid's Olympic Games in 1981's Miracle - (from) Minnesota?

Oregon, I couldn't think of anything but Oregon trail, then I remembered Orlando Bloom talking about being from Oregon, but that movie is about Elizabethtown - Tennessee.

Washington, when I thought of washington I thought of Seattle, and when I thought of Seattle I thought of grunge rock, which brought me to being Sleepless there... Sleepless in Seattle - Washington.

The point of my story is, think of some other states and post them in the comments! I will try and think of some too, but I have to say I might be out for a bit of the day tomorrow thanks to my procedure.

Note: Clichés are sometimes acceptable if the whole damn state is defined by it... Kansas for example, if you're not there anymore then you must be watching the Wizard of Oz - Kansas, and since we're in Twister country why not Twister? How do we connect em? Well the drama does center around Jo's auntie who lives in Wakita, Oklahoma! Twister - Oklahoma.

There are so few movies from Indiana that we'd have to watch Hoosiers or Rudy, that's pretty much all they have, the problem is Rudy sucks and so does Hoosiers, but what can you do. Hoosiers - Indiana.

Although sometimes, like in the case of Grosse Point Blank, it's important to completely defy the cliché, no one is denying the greatness of Leaving Las Vegas or Fear and Loathing, but perhaps these would be too obvious... how about a movie about Reno instead?

Then you get those weird states like Arizona, except that someone was obviously raised there, weren't they? Raising Arizona - Arizona

What about Virgina, where dozens of movies are set. Maybe there could be some kind of documentary or historical piece? I am not even sure... I open it up to you friends. Don't let me down. Lets get all the states!

Here's the states I listed so far in this post - Try not to duplicate, sorry if you don't like what I, or someone else posted, but this is just for fun so lets keep the intra-state rivalry to a minimum. I deftly avoided The-State-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named didn't I?

Alaska - Mystery, Alaska
Arizona - Raising Arizona
California - The Wizard
Indiana - Hoosiers
Illinois - Ferris Bueller's Day Off
New York - Ghostbusters
Michigan - Grosse Point Blank
Minnesota - Miracle
Oklahoma - Twister
Tennessee - Elizabethtown
Washington - Sleepless in Seattle

The object of the game is to name a movie that can be ascribed to the state you've paired it with. Be sure you give reason and try to avoid the obvious clichés! Good Luck!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Price Writes New Song That Only Vikings Can (Want to?) Hear

So, via Anna's Tumblr blog her roommate Kelly's genius is released.

in response to e-mailing my Prince-obsessed roommate the A.V. Club article on Mr. Purple Rain writing a song for the Minnesota Vikings:
?uestlove tweeted it a few hours ago and I retweeted, natch. I like that you sent this, it means I can add you to the list of people who will overwhelm me with text/facebook message IF he dies.

The song didn’t do much for me personally, but the fact that Prince decided to write a song about football definitely made me feel better.

In my fantasy, he is just straight-up chilling in his skybox with Larry Graham, drinking some Sanka and staring at the game with his hands steepled together.

Suddenly, he closes his eyes, and whispers:

“Children of earth. Don’t move. Jesus just sent me a blessing of the musical variety and I must investigate.”

He dashes out of the skybox, has his bodyguard carry him to his limo and races off to Paisley Park in record time.

A few hours later, a reporter at the local Fox affiliate hears a curious noise. A dove carrying a package is tapping its beak at a window. Surprised, he opens the window and the bird seemingly floats in, drops a CD on his desk and flits back out into the night sky.

Written on the CD in purple sharpie is the following phrase:

“A PrPl and GOLD Gift 4 U”

I think we all know what happens next. I have too much time on my hands.
Kelly Conniff, you are something else.
I wonder how many reblogs of this we can get. Kelly, you are my favorite."

And that my friends. Is amazing.

Here's the link to the video the screenshot is from. Yea. I love the circle... Looky here!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Conversation on Autism

T: autism
KKP: ...yes?
T: is it a disease? or just a different way to look at the human experience
KKP: well. the first thing to say is that people with autism don't want a cure, they want acceptance. That being said, living with autism in normal society is very difficult, so should it be possible to find a pre-natal cure (as likely the only potential cure would be pre-natal) then all resources should be exhausted to do so.
T: but, a cure implys a disease
KKP: no, you can cure "conditions" "abnormalities"
T: why cure it?
why not just accept it as a difference
like being black or asian
KKP: because the difficulties in being severely autistic are very different than the difficulties in being black.
where did this question originate?
T: i had honestly never once thought about it
but today someone on facebook posted a status update about how Autism wasn't a disease. IT wasn't a disorder that could or SHOULD be cured
Honestly, coming from a Behavioral Psychology background it never had occured to me that someone who was autistic wanted to be accepted as they were
KKP: well, take your own life as an example.
Was staying on ADD medications for the rest of your life an option, in your opinion?
T: if i had to, but i just didnt want to.
i wanted to be normal. I didn't want people to have to change for me. I wanted to be a better person. call it peer pressure, but really I just wanted to fit in.
KKP: well depending on the severity, people with autism don't necessarily have to, either.
T: i mean
thats like my ex-girlfriend
she has epilepsy and takes a medication that she says keeps her from remembering things
and she said to me once, "Someday i'll get a job where people accept the fact that i cant remember things, and they'll repeat things and be okay with it"
KKP: that's not likely.
T: thats what i told her
she got mad
KKP: i mean, unless she applies for a job openly stating she has a disability. then the employer would be aware and prepared to help
T: i advised her to "learn to write everything down. keep a planner! write things down as people tell you then you won't have to be told multiple times and you'll be self-sufficient."
she said i was mean and didnt understand.
she said she put stuff in her phone
i said your boss would have to accept you put it in your phone
but what if something happened?
you'll need to take care of yourself
she didnt like that
KKP: understandably.
T: a long story, but it comes back to this
how can a group of people claim to want acceptance, when they really want to fundamentally change how society looks at acceptance
acceptance is, "you're different, but we dont have to accomodate you"
acknowledging that someone is going to start self-stimulating in the middle of a meeting...
thats not acceptance thats accommodation.
Isn't it?
Another 'social issue'... gay marriage, for example
Isn't that acceptance? i don't have to change my life
if i had to watch people making out in Starbucks whereas I would have had before... that might be accommodation
KKP: haha
T: but who's to say there wont be an autistic person self-stimulating or a gay couple making out

This was a short conversation, and I really do not know my own opinion, but I would relish another crowd-sourcing experiment. My background is in the behavioral cure of autism. There was never a question, NEVER a question, about it being an accepted as an equal.

It is fascinating to me. I'm posting a link to Autism Speaks who I remember being an advocacy organization and the Autism Rights Movement page on Wikipedia. Let the discussion begin!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2009 Playlist

For the last few years I've created a set of songs that remind me of that year for one reason or another... Here is 2009s!

*yes i was listening to GaGa when I made the screenshot... what of it. Deal with it.


The recent days of public transportation activity have made me wonder. Why don't we give a damn?

Let me break it down for you. Our country has a low voter turnout, we don't volunteer our time to help people (unless we can donate on the internet), we text a friend in Seattle before talking to a stranger at the bar we're patronizing, we don't want to talk to others (so we put in our headphones), and we don't consider others when doing pretty much anything...


I can say these are just some of many things we could identify as "societal problems" or "social issues" but who are we really talking about? Aren't we just projecting these faults from individuals onto a faceless larger group? INDIVIDUALS who can make small adjustments and change the society or social or community or whatever-you-want-to-call-it-to-avoid-blame group?

New York City crime rates fell from record highs to record lows in the end of the last century. There have been many books written about why and many explanations offered; here is one more... Maybe people (individually) finally got fed up with crime? Maybe the culture of the city was no longer a petri dish for breeding crime. There's no proof, but then again many conjectures have been made so why not one more.

Long story short, when you're on an airplane next time, don't push people to get from the back to the front because you want to get off first. When you're on the train wait for people to exit before pushing past people to get the "best seat." When someone sneezes there's nothing wrong with saying, "bless you" or "gazunteit" or "salud" or "Damn! That was a good one!" When you're on the bus, don't block the aisle talking to your friend when people are standing in the cold waiting to get on.

Courtesy. Kindness. Friendly. Not Being An Asshole.

take your pick.

People may be assholes but like Red Green used to say, "I'm pullin' for ya'. We're all in this together."

Friday, January 01, 2010

Olde Friends

There's something to be said about new friends. I sat in a classroom and performed group work with dozens of new people over the last few months, but how does that compare with these people I worked with at the Fort?

I'm not really sure.

Here I am on Mackinac Island in the middle of a limestone rock draped in snow harboring barely two digit temperatures... But in this building I am surrounded by warmth and friendship. While mushy, it sure does feel good.

"I've missed you guys... Some of you..." Joe just said. I agree with that sentiment. I miss these people; not that I want to live with them at the Mission House again, but I am happy to not have lost them to the throws of history.