Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Apple's New iPhone? iPhone 4.0 Found at a Bar

Beer is amazing, without it this never would have happened.

Someone dropped a prototype iPhone in a bar, it was picked up and found it's way into the hands of the kids over at Gizmodo (who may have even paid to get their mitts on it).

While it was active for a little while and able to be used, eventually it was remotely locked (possible via MobileMe). Gizmodo still took it apart and checked it out.

It has a removable battery and it's ugly, but then again it's just a prototype. Were it me, I would produce a product and improve the battery life simultaneously. This would mean, internally, the battery would be removable as the developers could be told, "Make the best battery for X-amount of space," and it could be tested in the prototype devices.

Form is important to customers, function is important to engineers, if the guy who lost it was an engineer, then this new iPhone 4 might be the new components in a 'temporary' casing.

Regardless the hardware is interesting, and my assumption is the WWDC (which has yet to be scheduled) will either come right away, or be postponed to let Apple pack a bit more into the soon-to-be continual best phone in the biz.


UPDATE: Gizmodo has since released an official letter from Apple requesting they return the device; basically admitting it was real all along. This is an amazing little tech story that you might just tell your little four-eyed grandchildren about, if you can meet a girl who agrees to hang out with you...


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Liveblog of PRSA Event

Tom McMahon
Director Corporate and Government Relations

Press release
Talking pts - msging
Fact Sheets, Collateral - backgrounders, Message facts, bullet points
Coalitions - other groups together with us
3rd Party Endorsements
Radio/Satellite Media Tours - everyones looking for content
News Clips - holy grail. Take that clip, use it
Influential blogs, post,

Social media is not new.
BusinessWire, RSS, Blogs (press releases)
friends and followers are the same as subscribers and readers
Tweets, Statys Updates when a Release is filed (talking pts)
WebSites, Blogs are good for (op-eds)
Groups, fanpages, linkedin (coalitions)
Refs links retweets (endorsements)
Camcorder video, YouTube (media tours)
Retweets, comments, links, (news clips)

TweetBook - make a book of your Twitter history from a conference/event. Try it to get some analytics.


Leslie Aun
World Wildlife Fund

Accounting is for accountants, communication is for everyone.

Produced VNR at MCI and then the Internet came, the world changed

WWF is not about endangered species, but mostly about climate issues. People hijack their brand. An ad agency in Brazil used WWF and created ads with 9/11 compares it to Climate change, submitted it and got an award. Never asked WWF. They didn't know until it was already out there.

Sodexo (French company) provided meals to the troops. Coailiton of the willing? French = cheese eating surrender monkeys.

They PRed with Hill and talked how they are indeed supporting troops, they provide thousands of jobs to Americans. This is measurable, sort of.

Find ways to tell story w/o spending too much or committing too many resources.

Earth Hour = good example. Can't compete with climate legislation as nonprofit but promoted in a way to get people in the right head space. (100 million Americans participated)

Manage expectations, but dream big
PR is just one tool - think the old toolbox and new toolbox
Help people understand being quiet is just as important and being noisy
Taking small bites of a big enchilada (sic)
Chart out a path to the goal, milestones, etc
1st step: get Obama to go to copenhagen
2nd: get him there at the right TIME
3rd: get people on target
Stay FOCUSED, if you have money for 2 states but need 6. Just do the 2.


John DiBiase
National Association of Realtors

Integration is impt.
1.2 million members - difficult to make members understand
Has not made us a direct democracy
Social media = old wine in new bottles
Twitter, linkedin, vehicle??
W/o good, concise clear message you aren't going anywhere
It's more dangerous now.
My perogative? "Don't piss off the Hill." harder with these tools.
Let go a little bit. We can't control retweets, but we can control strength of our own msg before it was tweeted.
Manage expectations, just bc the op-Ed is amazing doesn't mean the world is on that topic.
For the House Financial Services Committee? Fannie/Freddie reconstruct is a big deal, for Stephanopolos (refrence mine) but is a huge deal for their publics.

Elected officials are busy, people on the ground need the right message, and the best message.

"Don't send me any more videos I'm on dialup" - that always happens.

Flip side: There are people with iPads and iPhones.

It's a new world, but it's not as scary or different... Get in the water. You don't have to dive in, but get your toes, the ankles and wade.

If is doesn't make sense at 140 words, it won't at 140 characters, or 140,000 characters.

Throw the ball, hit the ball, catch the ball. Fundamentals. Message is king. Keep your message in mind and even writing for 140chars you need to actually WRITE a message.

Sorry you had to leave Erica a.k.a. "Funsize"
At least you got your... moneys... worth...?

Trace Dominguez
Masters Candidate
American University

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Who is House M.D.?

With all my Capstone work, homework, internship hunt, summer-y weather, library days (and nights), and then pesky ACTUAL work, I haven't been using my free time to blog. Instead, I've been using my free time to write down IDEAS blogs while watching a smattering of television shows.

*Aside: I've also been reading a lot, I have a new subscription to WIRED and another to GQ, on top of all the class readings, podcasts of various news stories, reading of actual news stories and the two or three books I'm juggling (I forget how many) I've been reading a lot. :End Aside

Recently, I decided to take up the popular House M.D. for my viewing pleasure.

While watching the show I experienced a nagging feeling I'd seen it before. It took me 7 episodes before realizing who this Gregory House actually is.

I was disappointed, because as is consistent in our American culture, we hadn't invented our own compelling character, but instead we borrowed from another culture.

I'm sure sociologists or cultural anthropologists would put our character kleptomania down to a lack of unique or distinct cultural history; that being a country of immigrants, our original culture were richer, blah, blah, blah, but I digress.

We are borrowers... We don't usually make up our own crap. We all know so, and just off the top of my head (I swear I didn't even have to wiki it!) here are some relevant examples:
So You Think You Can Dance was based on an older BBC show Strictly Come Dancing - similar concept, but the BBC show had a very funny - and somewhat perverted old man host. Made the show infinitely more entertaining. He was never without a P.Y.T. on his arm.
American Idol, also copied from Britannia though they called it the X-Factor. I think Simon was even part of this one too. Correct me if I'm wrong Hyperwebs (and while your at it list some more show copies - if you can put in the effort to be a jerk, you may as well put in a little more and be helpful too).
Deal or No Deal? Yep, Britain - same name, but no stupid banker as a character in a darkened room upstairs. Instead the goateed host just spoke into a phone - probably just enabling his schizophrenia. Also, the people with boxes weren't models, but your friends and relatives. Try telling Grandma you don't want her box versus telling some beautiful woman in a dress... on second thought...

House uses his powers of observation, powerful sense of confidence, specialized training and deductive reasoning to solves the problems of rich and poor alike. All the while he bounces his ideas and theories after his group of colleagues who he talks down to but thoroughly respects. He has a drug problem and enjoys interesting tweed hats. Had I not mentioned House, you might be (as Brain often said to Pinky) pondering what I'm pondering...

In my view, House is in fact the detective Sherlock Holmes! He may have gotten away with it too if it hadn't been for that darn Hulu...

They share more than just a common peakyness , they have many similar characteristics, right down to a drug addiction; though Cocaine (similar to pain killers) wasn't considered a problem for the many users, but simply a tool to help the citizens of late 19th century London get through the day.

I just felt I should share this little cookie of realization, not for a particular purpose per se, but for my own amusement.

Deliciously, Hugh Laurie plays the sleuth in this picture and Watson was in fact a Medical Doctor, the allegory's abound...

Regardless of his honed American lispyness, he's still a Brit, playing an American, based on a Brit. Brilliant, Cheerio.