Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Disney and Shuttle Launch Trip Data!

Some fun trip data! On this trip we:

  • Drove the car 1865 miles total
    • Had we biked the trip would have taken 7 days and 11 hours and would have been 2,082 miles
    • Had we walked it would have taken 25 days 11 hours but would have only been 1,902 miles
  • Spent roughly 37 hours in the car out of the 93 hours total (roughly 40% of the trip).
  • Stopped in five cities: 
    • Savannah, GA (Huey's)
    • Titusville, FL
    • Christmas, FL (Swampy!) 
    • Orlando, FL
    • Buena Vista, FL (part of Disney);
    • Lumberton, NC (Shoney's)
  • Took over 1000 pictures (assumption, as Kenny and mine alone are 600+ and those on facebook from CM and Allison are another few hundred)
  • Saw one 2030 Ton shuttle launch four astronauts into space
    • It took 8.5 minutes to get to space
      • Each solid rocket booster contains 1.1 million pounds of fuel and burn for 125 seconds = 8800 lbs/sec
        • Super Cool Fact: the fuel in the SRBs (the white boosters o neither side of the tank) is rubbery. They mold it in such a way as to produce an 11-point starred figure exposing the maximum possible surface area of fuel during ignition to maximize efficiency.
      • The external fuel tank contains fuel for the shuttles three rear engines. The liquid oxygen and hydrogen are kept separate in the tank and pumped to the engines at 1,035 gallons fuel per second where they burn (at 99% efficiency - most efficient engines ever built) for 522 seconds.
  • Spent 54 hours on the Disney Property (according to foursquare checkins/checkouts)
  • Visited four Disney parks, two resorts, one swimming pool, two boats and enjoyed over 30 rides, shows and fun places.
  • Lost one jumper.

Here's a link to our map:

View Florida Shuttle & Disney Adventure in a larger map

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